If Only

If only I could tell you. Your constant noise causes my head to pound and my whole body tense up with irritation. The stupid sounds you make as you lean over me make me want to scream. If only you knew how much I hate you. You tell your friends I’m sick and they, like you, grate my every nerve with their incessant noise.

If only I didn’t need you. We are not a good match, you and I. Intelligence seems to have overlooked you. You’re attractive enough- more attractive than my last. I didn’t hate her the way I hate you though. She could hold her own in conversation. When she died I mourned her. Who knew that I would die shortly after?

Now I’m helpless. Can’t speak, can’t walk. But I watch you sleeping at night, from behind the bars of my crib. Soon I’ll be strong enough to stand. Strong enough to climb from this pathetic cage and only then will you know. As I hold you pillow over your face, you’ll know…

  • Jed

    3/5 Not what I was expecting.