I Will Never, Not Even in Death, Forget Patient 702

So as I was wondering what I should do with this new journal, I was pushed to the back of my mind and was forced to watch helplessly as someone else wrote something.

It says:

“Giggles bounce off the walls. Not happy, carefree giggles, no, these giggles are much more sinister, as they belong to none other than patient 702. This patient has mutilated her body in unthinkable ways. How she keeps getting ahold of paperclips the doctors may never know. Even now, after all these years, her carved smiles haunts me. The smiles she carved into her skin has been the cause of many nightmares for me. My wife, of course, doesn’t know about my plight. Or rather, she didn’t. This was all before I took my life. However, in death, I am still haunted by the giggling of patient 702.”

This bothers me because I already have patient 702 in my head. Now, questions bounce around in my head. Who is this new person? What do they want? How will they get along with patient 702? How do they know patient 702? How did they find me? Why didn’t I notice them sooner?

I have no answers as of yet.