I Think Slenderman is After Me

I know a lot of you won’t believe me when I say this, but The Infamous Slender is after me.

I’ve told many people in my life about these expirences and what I have seen, but none of them believe me. I’ve always been one for the paranormal and conspiracy’s, so maybe that’s my own fault.

Still, I’m going to publish all of my expirences here so at least someone knows my story. Maybe someone here will actually believe me. Before I do that though, I should tell you about myself.

My name is Ruby, I’m 16 years old and I live in America. I live in a small house with my 3 sisters and mother. My father has never been part of my life.

As far as I’m concerned, I’m a social outcast. Most of my friends are all online, I have two in real life. I don’t get good grades, I barley pass if I’m honest. Yet, I’m pushing through it.

I like drawing, anime, cartoons, and I’m a part of a lot of fandoms, including creepypasta. I never thought it could be real, even the few based off of true stories.

I guess that should be enough about myself, you all probably want to know about the things that happened.

At the beginning of this year, I got a series of nose bleeds day after day. I wrote it off at first, marking it off as my seasonal allergies acting up. Nothing big happened until a while later, when I was home alone.

My sisters were at a friends and my mom went out to by cigarettes, so I was left on my own. Like always, I drew in my sketchbook and just watched youtube. I specifically remember watching Smi77y play gmod before the incident.

I was sitting at my desk, drawing and listening to spout b******t like always. I had to stop halfway through when I suddenly had a splitting migrane, so I went to grab some medicine.

I took the medicine but it didn’t help. You all probably knew that though. At the time, I didn’t.

I went back to my room to go back to what I was doing before, only to find my phone was glitching out. I was startled since I had never seen a phone glitch out like that before. I forced it to shut down and everything was fine until I turned it back on again.

It went through the typical phone start up and when it finally loaded and showed me my lock screen. Of course, I noticed a few words flash on it just long enoigh for me to see it.

‘I see you.’

Goosebumbs ran across my skin and it felt like I was about to throw up my own. It wasn’t on the screen for longer than 5 seconds, it made sure I had enough time to read what it said. Of course, I was paranoid but the realiztion didn’t hit me at the time.

You think being a fan would have actually made me think of it faster, but no. I guess there’s a reason why I don’t get good grades.

For the next month, nothing happened. No nosebleeds, no glitches, no headaches. Nothing.

That changed when I left for school one morning.

I had went out 20 minutes early, and I didn’t want to miss school due to my bus drivers horrible time schedule.

Few students around my area cared as much though, so I was by myself. Again.

I sat under a small pine tree that for soke reason, was the perfect spot to connect to nearby free wifi. So, yeah, I went to my usual spot and pulled out my phone.

Not even 2 seconds after I sat down, my skin started to crawl and the goosebumps were back. I felt like something was watching me.

Being the curious person I am, I turned and looked around. I saw a cat in a window, some wandering geese, and a bird just chilling on a fire hydrant.

Everything seemed normal until I turned back to my original spot and saw a group of people not to far away.

They were all inside the lobby of the apartment building, and the sun was coming down in my direction so I couldn’t get a clear view no matter how hard I tried. I could only see well enough to count 5 bodies in total.

I looked away to see if anyone was coming, or at least a potential witness. When I looked back to the lobby again, all 5 figures were gone. Vanished into thin air without a trace.

It was still morning so my mind was still fuzzy and I thought about it for a while until the bus came and took me to school.

I couldn’t focus that day, and I just blamed it on lack of sleep.

The next week, I ended up by myself once again. Isn’t that a fun surprise?

If you don’t speak sarcasm, let me translate.

F**k my life, this isn’t good.

So yeah, I was by myself again and extremely paranoid. I went to the kitchen and grabbed a knife I was so scared. Of course, I didn’t exactly know how to fight with a butcher knife, but it helped.

I sat in my room, lights on and wrapped in my blankets like a kid afraid of the monster in the closet.

Well, I’m under 18 so that isn’t exactly a stretch, but you get my point.

I sat there about 5 minutes before I got a knock on the door. Being the only person home, I answered it.

Behind the door was a man who had a similar resemblance with Masky from Marble Hornets, side burns and all. I could even see a box of cigarettes poking out of his front pocket.

I didn’t say anything about it though, I only talked when talked to, a subject I am passionate about pops up, or if someone ignorant decides to speak.

It was none of the following options so I kept my mouth shut. He said he was taking polls from around the area. I told him my age and he said it was just for the general community. Since I didn’t have much else to do and I’m a rather passive person when I’m not angry, I agreed. He asked a bunch of standard questions at first and I answered truthfully.

Things started to get weird after the tenth or something question. He pulled a paper out of his back pocket and showed it to me, asking if I recognized it. The paper was small and clearly worn out but I could see a rough drawing of the operator symbol on it.I nodded and he told me to keep it, so I did.

At this point, I was both curious and confused. Alarmed as well, but not as much if I’m honest. I tried not to let him know how I felt though, after the whole paper thing, I was a bit more than wary of him.

Looks like masky and gave me some paper with the operator symbol on it? Is it a prank? A test?

I was confused but I kept giving him honest answers to all my questions. He asked about the nearby forest, how I knew the symbol, and more questions like that.

After a long time of questions and silent pleas for him to leave me alone, he left. I was drained after that, so I went to my bed and took a nap.

Of course, I had nightmare about the faceless man himself and woke up. I was startled because I hardly remember my dreams and when I do, they are weird and kinda fuzzy. I could remember this one as clear as day though and it was very specific.

I questioned it for a while, wondering if the stories I had read were true and how it was possible. When my mom got home, I wrote it off as an after effect of the odd encounter earlier.

Once again, I was in idiot and denied the answers that were literally being spoon fed to me.

Or maybe I just didn’t want to believe it. Well, it’s too late to think about that now. Probably. Honestly, I’m not sure at this point so I might as well keep pushing along.

I had more small experiences similar to this one along the way onto my biggest encounter. Nose bleeds, migraines, memory problems, possible proxies stalking me.

This one definitely took the cake for the biggest experience of my life though.

At that point I knew Slenderman was following me and after a week or two, I was pretty apathetic about it.
I would see a potential proxy from a building or treeline and I would wave. I started bringing whole tissue boxes with me everywhere. The sickness and vomiting had started too, and to this day I am still managing to hide it from everyone around me.

I’m getting off track.

So, one day, it was warm and raining. The rain was warm too, and that is my absolute favorite thing. So I told my mom I was leaving for a bit and walked to the nearby forest preserve.

I surprise myself with how I act sometimes.

I walked down the muddy trail for a while, enjoying the rain and smell of ozone. I could feel the mud squishing underneath my sneakers. It was all fun and satisfying until those damn goosebumps came back.

I knew he was watching me, so I looked around, trying to find him. I only managed to look around for a ten seconds before several black tendrils wrapped around me.

I shivered at the feeling, it was gross yet comforting. Imagine a snake, except without scales. That’s what the tendrils felt like.

I like snakes, but feeling them without scales is weird on so many levels.

I fought against them, trying ti escape for a good minute until my mind went into a haze. Every muscle in my body relaxed and I was so tired, but I felt better than ever. I was peacefully resting on clouds, listening to soft voices whisper to me.

I probably should have been killed that day, or stolen if I was lucky enough to live long enough.

However, a big german shepard came in from out of no where and Slenderman disappeared. I was on the ground, out of my trance, wet, and confused.

When I got back home and everything was explained and all that and yada ya. I got hugs, food, and etc.

Its been about a month since my last experience but it was similar to my first, only it happened on my school laptop.

Another one is going to happen soon and I know it’s going to be my last. He’s made that clear.

Want to know how?

Well, I have this friend who disappeared a little while back. Just before she disappeared, she sent me a short message.

‘He’s coming. There’s no where left to run.’

It’s going to be my time soon and its even worse that I know its coming.

I’m terrified, I don’t want to leave my online friends, my sisters, my mom, or real life friends. I want ti protect to my sisters, I want to meet my friends who live in different states and even different counties.

I can’t though, no matter how much I want too. I won’t meet my friends and my sisters will be left without me.

I would throw away everything I could to ensure that I could even have a chance to do those things. I would sell my soul, my organs, everything. It’s like my friend said though.

He’s coming and there’s no where left to run.

  • Kingbuddy

    I believe you though you’re probably already dead. Though if this was a joke he’s gonna come after you. Any lies about him he’ll come after you.

  • Lex S.

    This is amazing, I wish I could speak to you more about this. Please speak to me if you’re still alive!

    • B-day

      I sure hope so☺

  • Cali_Katrice

    I believe it. If you are still alive, tell more!

  • H_haunted_monster

    I believe you, hope you’re alive. I’ve been experiencing something like this recently

  • H.creepypasta.haunted

    I’ve been experiencing something like what you have to
    But a bit different