I See You Sarah

July 4th 1992, me and my family went to the old town river as it was a tradition of ours. We were walking up to the sight. I decided to break off and look into the woods. I walked around for a while the I decided I should get to the sight. I began walking back when I noticed something was off.

I had walked past this tree several times, I tried to call but… no cell reception. It began to darken and I had the sudden sense I wasn’t alone. Suddenly my phone rang, “bzzt bzzt,” chills went over me. I answered and in a harsh wisp breath the voice said, “I see you Sarah,” I felt my heart pound outta my chest. I quickly muttered, “Who is this?” There was a faint chuckle the call ended.

I tried to call back but still no cell reception. I kept walking when from behind me I heard a loud “crack” as if someone were right next to me. I began to sprint when I heard it but in a raspy childish voice this time. It’s said, “Ready or not Sarah here I come.” I began to run faster when I fell over a branch and sprained my ankle. I got up and continued on when the voice once again spoke but in a much deeper tone. It said, “I don’t wanna hurt you Sarah.”

I’ve come to the conclusion that whatever this thing was it would stop at nothing to get me. It seemed I had been running for hours but only minutes had passed. I decided it would be OK to stop for a bit when heard it “snap crash snap” someone or something were running towards me. I could move I froze and  terror overcame me. Suddenly the running stopped as a particular breath carried down my neck I felt it say.

“I have found you Sarah,” in spite of everything telling me to run I turned around and what was standing in front of me was a creature from a nightmare. It stood 8 feet tall with sickly pale grey skin and dark soulless eyes it had clown makeup. With a devilish smile rowed with razor-sharp teeth the creature spoke and said, “You really thought you could escape me I am the hunter you are the hunted, I am the shadow that haunts your nightmares the one who keeps u up at night. This is my world dare you disrespect me.”

Yes! I heard myself push out in pain I noticed a blade on it hip I grabbed it and stabbed the creature. I started running faster than ever the chilling screeches growing further behind me, “Smash swipe smash,” I was running for my life my heart was in my stomach I was scared. All I could think was why me? Why now? And how was I gonna get out of here.

I had no way out of here my mercy was at the hands of evil. There seemed to be no way out and I knew in my heart that he would find me soon. I had nowhere else to run this was the end for me. I gave up and sat down and cried then I heard my mom calling me I called out to her. “Mom is that you?” No reply huh I thought so then I heard my dad.

“Sarahhh where are you?”

“D… dad dad is that you? I’m over here,” I heard what I least expected to hear. I heard a chuckle then I knew this evil monster was playing with me! Making me think he would actually let me go.

“What dooo you want from meee!?” I yelled in anger and pain this creature was on a hunt and I was his bait I had to find a way out. I wiped the tears from cheek got up and continued to find my way out. I ran around ah few times when I seen him I was face to face with evil once again. “Hello Sarah, I told you I would find you. Huhah, I just wanna be friends.”

“Leave me alone a*****e! You bring me here. You try to kill me and you just want be ‘friends’ you don’t deserve friends!” I felt him reach for me when I ran past him.

I wasn’t giving up without a fight I turned and seen the creature on all fours running towards me. I cut through some bushes and suddenly I tripped and blocked out. When I woke up I was in my bed and it was 9 AM July 4th. I thought it was all a dream to until I seen deep scratches on my shoulder were it grabbed me…

I hear weird noises down stairs I’ll update u on what happens next for now. Good bye.


  • Ray Ramirez

    I like the description of the monster, and how you added clown makeup to it. It’s a good story.

  • Izzy Vilimas

    Interesting, how it ends in a cliffhanger, but in some parts it was hard to understand due to spelling and grammar mistakes.

  • Whitney Paige Moulton

    Good start, alil rushed, but it was still scary 👍👌

  • Puddin Tane

    Needs a lot of work.