I Saw Him

I was 11 years old. Still in elementary school, but looked older than 11. Anyway, I want to tell you my story. Many things happened in my past. I have to deal with when I was young.

My mom and dad always fought. Very little at times, it got physical. Me and my five siblings cried as we watched the blood fly all over the walls, floors, and even me. I had to deal with all of this for a long time all the way till now (I forgot to add this to the beginning but I’m now 30). I had to move most of the times.

By now you will think my parents got a divorce, but sadly they didn’t. My mom now turned from family to drugs, and my dad taking care of five kids including myself. With no job or money, but a nice home. We managed to make enough money to move away as far as we can, without my mom. Before we began to move my dad got a call in the middle of the night from my mom. All he can hear was too inappropriate that I can’t say it. Let’s just say two people trying to make a baby.

After a few months without my mom me and my family moved way out in the woods. Where a fresh new 6th grade year started for me.I was already 12 at the time. I had no clue about anyone here. I didn’t have as much friends. Then I met a person that is now by my side and her name is Andrea. We liked things very differently. But as soon as I started to learn more about the things she likes I liked them too. Then she told me tales of a man dressed in all black and white suit, had tentacles as hands, and had no face but just white. She also said that he was most likely to be in the woods. Then I thought “But I live in the woods. Will I ever see this monster? Or will I even die from seeing it?” But I didn’t even asked questions about it.

One day we both agreed to search for the mysterious man in the woods. At first I was really scared, until Andrea calmed me down. We spent 2 hours searching for him, but no sign of him at all. As we were walking back we saw a cabin. We decided to take a step inside. In til this day I regret going in. Just as I kicked to door open me and Andrea walked in. Also that we could see was blackness. No light was seen between the cracks of the wall.

As we made our own adventure through the house, I saw blood on the walls. Not just a little bit of blood but gallons even buckets of it, splattered all over the place! I felt really weird like if there was something there watching me from the dark corners. I didn’t really didn’t give it any thought until now. As we were about to leave we both stopped dead in our tracks when we heard a real manly voice saying “GET OUT!” The louder the words the faster we ran. Some how thank God the me and my friend escaped the woods. We both wanted to tell our parents/parent but I thought they will never believe me or Andrea. So we kept quiet and swore to never tell anyone.

Then a few days past until one night. I walked up to a strange feeling in me. I walked around the house quietly so I won’t wake anyone up. Once I saw everything was normal to me, I went back to my room. Just as I walked in my room, an instinct told me to looked out my window. I opened my curtain slowly, just I stated in fear I saw the man that everyone called Slenderman. I saw his long tentacles coming out of him and the plan white face of “him”. I screamed from the top of my lungs waking everyone up. My dad screamed my name and said, “What happened? Tell me now!”

I then replied, “I saw… him.”

  • PPnpoopoo

    Straight up garbage, fam

  • Synoria

    You need a beta my friend, someone to edit your work before posting. 😉. Good potential though.

  • Geanna

    It was kinda hard to read at some parts beacuse some sentences didnt make sence because of the wording

  • Madikat

    Is english not your first language?

  • zakaryspinx

    Slendy? Didnt see that coming… Not a a good thing though. Slenderman imo wasnt a good choice. Hes been done to death. And another thing…. Things got a little physical from time to time between ur parents….. You know, pushing, slapping, a little projectile blood splatter… The average domestic violence…

  • Ana Lucia Gonzalez

    The story was boring and i kinda fell asleep a couple times…

  • Mali

    I love it.