I Hate My Life… Let’s Kill It

The girl’s pale face seemed to match her personality perfectly, but one thing that stuck out of her was her blue an green eyes. She had Heterochromia a condition to where you had to different color eyes, most would think that two different colored eyes would be beautiful, but not for her. She hated her condition it made her stick out from the rest, but that condition isn’t the reason or how she became the person today. It was the people around her.

She lived with her mother and stepfather including her little sister; her little sister was only 2 years younger than her, but she cared for as if she was seven years old. Her little sister was the only person she really cared about not her mom, not her stepfather. Only her sister she risked being punched and beaten for her sister so she can be happy.

Not only did she was abused, she wasn’t very popular in school the kids would be nice to her, but when she pretended not to listen they would call her, “Weirdo, Freak”, but she would also call her self a name as well “Fake” she was a smiling girl at school, but at home she was abused and tortured, so she would never risk going to school with shorts and short sleeves shirt… well with the bruises and cigarette burns she could not risk people seeing that she didn’t know why she didn’t want to people to see it or know about the abuse she just didn’t tell anyone.

As the years went by the abuse only got worse to the point so she wouldn’t get out of bed… When her mom got in a car accident she was always asleep thanks to those episodes and painkillers. So that leaves the stepfather… the things he did to her was beyond the dignity she lost to save her sister. Her stepfather would drink a lot it was no problem until one night. He was angry well more of pissed he was threatening me even though I did nothing. But then my little sister had enough. She started to get brave a yell at him. That’s when he slammed her into the wall. He threatened the little sister and that got her angry. A feeling rushed through she never felt that feeling before. She pushed him away, grabbed her little sister, and left. She called the police and explained everything he did to her over the years with tears down her face. That was the last time she saw him and her mother again.

A week has gone by she turned 14 while her sister was 12 now, things started to go up she was living with her real father and grandparent well at least she thought…

As days go by she has gone into more arguments than ever before… this time with her sister. Now that she’s living with her grandparents, her little sister would get babied like she was 5 or something and her little sister knew it. But she wasn’t about to let her little sister act like a baby and a brat so she asks to stop acting like a brat and a baby cause she’s not. And that would cause more arguments. While she was being neglected once again and her little sister being treated, like a queen, she got depressed it caused her to become loner and have hatred for her little sister. Every day she though that she risked body and sanity for someone who doesn’t even care… being alone, neglected, abused, depressed… Caused her to lose her mental state she would talk to the voices in her head thinking about killing everyone who has done her wrong… then cry because she was thinking of doing that she started to think, “Have I gone crazy?”,

A year has gone by she’s crazier than she was before even her grandparents started to worry. She would stab knives into soaps and walls, take hours in the bathroom looking at herself and talking. She was insane. Her grandparents decided to send her to a place a mental institution she wasn’t gonna go so she waited in the bathroom until midnight she got out everyone was asleep. She walked into her sister’s room staring at her then walked away she grabbed the biggest knife and came back to kill her sister, her father, and grandparents…

After she was done she ran away after that she was never seen again as if she was a ghost…

  • Poppy

    That was a beautiful story.

  • Bonnie Manz

    The grammar and punctuation needs to be edited. It was actually difficult to read the story because there were so many errors.