I am Lucifer

There is no Satan, no Lucifer. If anything, it’s us. Mankind. We are the Devil.

I am Lucifer.

Evil comes from Man. Satan is just an excuse, a hang up. There is no imaginary force of evil with man-like tendencies and the sole purpose of destroying man-kind. Just really think about it, it’s ridiculous.

Some big evil red m**********r made me do it. No, you knew better and you still did it. Evil doesn’t come from any other species on Earth. No other species is killing over envy, tearing apart society, and mentally controlling masses of people.

You know why? Because they don’t know better. They act on pure instinct. We have the knowledge of good and evil. That’s what sets us apart. We have a choice. We can sit there and think of the most evil s**t to do, all the while KNOWING it’s wrong, and still choose to follow through.

And every time we choose evil, it gets easier and easier to do evil every time… until you start rationalizing it to yourself, making excuses, making it somehow okay in your f****d up mind. Or worse, when you stop caring whether it’s right or wrong, when you don’t even stop to think about it.

That’s when you turn cold, become a monster… When you stop giving a f**k. When empathy isn’t even a word anymore. When you do evil over and over and over, it’s nothing to you. It isn’t until life is spiraling around you and your humanity comes back. Until you can actually look yourself in the mirror and be ashamed… ashamed on how quickly you became a monster, a killer, a Lucifer… a Satan…

  • Naman Ahuja

    So lemme get this straight….we stop making a choice and return to basic instinct means we turn cold. Animals to act on basic instinct and us turning to our baser instinct means that we become satan….but animals act on that…so arr animals satan incarnate??
    Lolz this is a platform for horror not for f*****g pj’s