House of Cannibals

Eric ran as fast as he could, his legs pounding against the wet muddy ground. His muscles were screaming in agony, but forced him to keep going. Until he stopped. Something metal caught his leg, and he tripped. He turned to see a bear trap clawing into his skin. He tried to get it open, but he couldn’t. A giant figure looked over him, and Eric looked back to see what was chasing him. A tall man with an axe and a bag over his head. “Welcome to the family Pretty boy.” Eric blacked out.

Three days earlier

It had been at least two weeks since Eric, Mason, and George graduated their first four years of college. They wanted to celebrate by renting a cabin and being drunk by the water. The cabin they rented was close to the main road, so if they needed to, they could leave quickly. One night, Mason was out smoking when he heard rustling from a bush. He grabbed his baseball bat and walked over. He saw something and hit the bush. A fox ran out and bolted away. Mason turned around and something started to choke him, making him not able to scream. The next morning George and Eric looked for Mason. They went to the car to report him missing at the end of the day, to find their tires slashed. They started to pack their things, until three figures blocked them off from leaving. They ran into the woods, and George tripped over a rock. He tried to get up, but was grabbed. Eric looked around to see if his friend was there, but he wasn’t. Eric ran as fast as he could.


Eric woke up at a table. A man with horrible breath and rotting teeth said, “Hey there boys. My brothers are coming out now.” Another man walked out. “We’re having dinner, and are delighted to have you.” The man pulled out a machete and cut into Eric’s arm. The other man grabbed Eric and forced him to the ground, while his arm is torn off. The man grabs it, and bites off a chunk of flesh.

“What the hell Jacob!” the man at the table sits up, and punches the other man. “Save it for the entire g******n family!”

Eric tried to crawl away, until he was grabbed and pulled back. His fingers were cut off, and he bleed out.

George bolted for it, until a woman came out and hit him in the chest with an axe. George took the axe,  and throw the axe up and through the mouth of the woman.

“Elizabeth!” Jacob ran over and tackled George. He pulled out a hammer and pulverized his skull.

Mason was in the basement. He was chained up by his foot, and had been trying to destroy the chain. He couldn’t break it, until he had an idea. He broke his foot, and slipped it through the chain to get through. He snuck through to a garage, where there was a  truck. He hotwired the car and drove off. He went to the police station of the first town he saw. A SWAT team went in. One officer died at the house. The cannibals were sentenced to life in prison. Mason went back to the house and burned it down. Nothing is left of the house except black ash.

  • Catears

    I feel like you can solve all your problems with fire.

  • Tabetha Dyer

    The story has potential. Just spruce up the grammar and add some details. For example, when one of the characters has to break his foot, describe the pain and fear and how he screams. Just a suggestion. But great storyline 😀

  • Tristan Seaburg-Sweat

    I feel like that got rushed at the end, plus how do his friends suddenly appear? And the one that got hit in the chest how could he live through that and hit her?!?!?! Plus the guy breaking his foot ya that’s impossible to drive away with a broken foot js I would know