Home Alone

Today is my 13th birthday and I’m finally getting my first ever phone. The phone is cheap and slow but it is my first phone so I’ll take it. Me and my family live in a very poor and run-down neighborhood so we don’t have the best safety or security. Today my sister has a soccer game so my parents have to leave me home for a couple of hours. I have one dog that is breaded as a boxer so it’s very viscous and strong. Usually people are afraid of my dog so they keep out and don’t bother my house and family.

After my parents got packed up and left the house with my sister, I had to lock all the doors and windows. I thought I locked all the windows but the one in my room was open since my family is too poor to buy air conditioning. I was very bored so I started laying I’m bed and watching TV. I’m a very picky person so I usually lay on my stomach with my arm dangling off the side.

I fell asleep for a while and woke up (but with my eyes closed) to my dog licking my hand. My dog continued licking my hand so with my eyes closed, I pushed my arm down to pet his head. As I moved my hand closer I could feel breathing reacting on my skin. It was so warm it could almost be human breath. I pushed my arm down a little bit more and then my hand touched something that didn’t feel like my dog. It was a human nose. At that moment I was frozen and didn’t know what to do so I jumped up out of my bed and headed for the window. As I tried to crawl out the window I felt huge gorilla like hands grab around my waist and pull me back into the room. As I turned my head, I saw the homeless man that was always on his chair at the end corner of the street. I screamed with all my might and grabbed the lamp next to me and managed to smack it in his face causing glass to get everywhere including on me.

His hands let go of my waist and I crawled as fast as I could out the window. I slid down the roof of the house and jumped down. I ran all the way down the street to the woods and called the cops. I told them that a man was breaking into the house and hurt me and that I have bruises on my waist.

When I told my parents, they freaked out and sent me to a therapist. Ever since then I lock all the doors and windows in my house. I hope nothing happens like that to me ever again and I certainly will never forget about this tragic experience.

  • Cali_Katrice

    It almost sonds similar to another story, I just cant remember what it was called…