Him – Part 1

A few years back I’ve gotten into somethings that wasn’t good. As a normal teenage girl I just wanted to have fun and at least not have a boring life. If you want an adventure go out and make one. So that’s what I did, me and a few girls. I wanted to try something new but I didn’t think it would have me in his hands. I think it all started when I had the first saw him in my dream…


“Hello Emma.” I froze in my spot. I could not move, every part of my body went stiff as he walked closer. He lifted his hand up to caress my cheeks a sinister smile lurking on his face. “Are you ready to have fun?”

I jolted up my hand on my heart, cold beads of sweat forming on my forehead. “It was just a dream… just a dream,” I assured myself moving the covers off of me. I turned to the side grabbing my phone looking at the time. “4:50am… great.” I laid back down on my bed staring at the ceiling. There was no point in going to sleep since I had to wake up at five for school. With a groan I exited my bed and walked out to my bathroom to wash up and get dress.

By the time I was finish, it was 5:20. I still had time to kill so I turned on the television in the living room watching whatever that could be on at this time. 6:30 came all so fast and before I know it, I’m walking down the empty street to my bus stop. I made it right on time to see the bus pulling up. I ran up on the bus waiting to get to school.

And that was my life.

Wake up from the same dream.

Get dress.

Go to school.

Come home.


Day after day, month after month my entire freshman year. And it was driving me crazy. The same old; same old life. I needed something else to do, mix things up. So when my Junior year started and there was flyer to a new club opening, I took that chance.

It was a called Reborn. It didn’t have much detail just that you can become one with yourself or something like that with the door number. After the bell rung signaling the class being over, I had over to the room.

Room 304. The way there I was kinda excited even though the concept of it was kinda boring I just loved the thought of me doing something else. I made it to the door and gently knocked. A seconds I could hear people scurrying; around on the other side of the door, followed by a click. The whole greeting was kinda shady like when a creepy old woman is hiding her grandchildren in the oven and didn’t want the guest to know.

The door opened slowly making a creak sound. It was wide enough to see the person’s face but behind them it was pitch black like they’ve been sitting in the dark the entire time.

“Hello? How my I help you?” the person asked very kind with a wide smile. “I’m here for the uh… Reborn club.”

“And your name?”

“Emma, Emma Lewis.” Her smile disappeared then came right back. I took a step back raising my brow.

“Ah yes please wait for a second,” she closed the door on my face. I huffed looking up and down the hall tapping my foot impatiently.

I’ve waited about ten minutes before giving up and started to walk away.

“Wait!” she called. I turned around but didn’t move.


“You may come in, please,” she urged. I walked up to the door once more but it was still a bit close and she wasn’t at the door anymore. Hesitant I pushed the door open and walked in. The door slammed shut behind me making me just and stare at the nothingness and darkness that covered me.

“Welcome… to Reborn.”

  • Tristan Seaburg-Sweat

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