The Kidnappings – Episode 2

I was so caught up in thought. Who could of hit me, and why? Why did they take me home? It couldn’t be a dream if Kate went there. That night My mum had invited Kate over for dinner as she sometimes did on Sundays. I was sitting on my bed reading a few Facebook posts when I heard the doorbell ring. “I’ll get it!” I called down to my mum and dad downstairs. I ran down my smooth wooden stairs and theough the hallway to the door. I grabbed the brass knob and opened it with a click. “Hiiii!” Screamed Kate as I got smothered in a bear hug. “Hey! Haha.” I laughed as she ran upstairs to my room. I followed her up and we sat on my bed talking about some of our clues to finding the kidnapped girl. Though I never mentioned about someone hitting me in the head at all. After dinner my mum let Kate have a sleepover so we ran upstairs and started watching a detective movie. It made me think of being more like a detective rather than a journalist. The lights were off, we were covered in a blanket and we sat there eating some Doritos. We sat there for a few hours deeply interested in the movies. We were starting to fall asleep with each second. Before I knew it I was sound asleep, but not for long. I heard something outside my house. It sounded like something being dragged over cement. I sat up quietly and tiptoed to my window. Outside under the cover of darkness were two people dragging a lumpy white sheet that looked very similar to a dead body. Though it looked like they killed someone, I could see it moving inside. I stared in fright. The two people were in dark black coats with skull masks over there face. I was completely petrified. I tiptoed down the hallway as quickly and as quietly as I could. My body was like a frozen potato. I could barely move, I thought they were going to kill me and Kate or something. I opened the door to my parents room. In the bed were two lumps sleeping softly under the blanket. “Mum, dad!” I whisper shouted to them. I sounded like a lost cat and looked like a deer in headlights. I got no reply from them. I was about to walk in and wake them up but I heard footsteps coming upstairs. I had no choice but to tiptoe quickly to my room and get Kate. Unlike mum and dad, Kate couldn’t defend herself from two adults. I ran into my room and hid. I left Kate asleep under my blanket in hipes they would think it’s just a pillow or something. What a stupid idea. My arms had goosebumps and my legs shivered.

I could hear two men talking outside 3 my door. “Well Michaela is out shopping and Elizabeth and Kate are having a sleepover.” Said one man who sounded so familiar it’s as if I’ve heard it from somewhere. How did he know my mum’s name and Kate and I are having a sleepover? The biggest thought came to me all of a sudden. Who was in mum and dad’s bed?! The man just said my mum is out shopping. “Well, I hit her in the head after she was snooping around in the woods. Sorry about that, I knew you wanted her unharmed but how else could I stop her from finding it?” Said the other man who sounded exactly like the one who asked me if I needed help. A million thoughts raced through my head. I was so scared that I started to cry. I couldn’t hold my whiny cry. “Oh god they must be awake. You best be going i’ll hide this and get rid of the pillows.” “Okay seeya later. Make sure they don’t know.” I heard the one who hit me in the head say before I heard him leave. What the hell is going on here? Pillows? It? Unharmed? I heard another noise. It sounded like the body was being dragged down the stairs. I cried harder than I have ever cried before. What was going on? Why have they been around me? Is it because I was looking for the kidnapper? I couldn’t do anything else but curl up into a ball under my blanket in my bed. I kept repeating that it was just a bad dream until I fell asleep. Was I any closer to who kidnapped that girl.. and me?..

The next morning I woke up with sunlight pouring through the window. I rolled over to see nothing. I gasped. Where did Kate go?! Did they take her? I rolled out of bed and ran downstairs towards the kitchen. My mother was sitting on her phone playing some game. My father was reading the newspaper that Kate and I had made. “Great articles. Haha.” My dad laughed until he realised I had a serious face on. “Where’s Kate?!” I asked urgently in a panic. “Why so serious honey? She just left early in time for netball practise.” My mum calmed me down.  I walked out of the room and upstairs to get dressed. I needed to go and find that- I mean those kidnappers. I put on a white tank top and some jeans. I pulled my dark brown hair into a bun and grabbed my camera and notepad. I ran downstairs and through the front door towards the park where Megan was last seen. I decided to see if Kate wanted to come with me since she’s my partner in crime. I rang the doorbell, suddenly Kates mother opened the door. “Hi Liz! Sorry, Kate’s fast asleep, she was supposed to be at netball practise but she must have walked home and fell right asleep.” Explained Kates mum. “Oh, okay.” I answered as the door was closing. As soon as she was gone I gulped. I guess I have to search alone.


Authors note:

Hey guys! I love how many of you told me your theories in the comment section. I would reply but I don’t wanna spoil the story for you guys. Thanks for the support on the first episode. I made this episode especially long to thank you guys! I’m sorry for spelling fails in this and the last episode. It’s super hard to type on my phone. The keys are so tiny.