Name. Jeffery Scott Bell. No, that’s not right…let me try again.

Name. Percy Ambrose Rain, much better. A little bit about me. I don’t have many interests in life, I don’t care for much, and I don’t care for many. But there is a certain man I want to kill. Not just kill… I want to erase him from history; destroy his past, his present, and his future. I wish to make him regret the day nature even brought him into existence. I see him everyday but I just can’t kill him. No, I had been stupid enough to make a promise for his life to be spared.

You would probably like to know why I wish for his death so much that I would write about him so terribly. I don’t have much time so I shall keep it brief. He has destroyed everything done he first showed up that night in my parents bedroom when I was just 13. It was almost as if all he craved was the death of all I knew, all that I cared for. He has toyed with my life since then and it keeps getting worse. I’m afraid to get close to anyone since he showed me his craving for blood and chaos. I’ve only told few about him because I’m just. So. Afraid. He has hurt anyone I cared about and promises more.

It’s like a game to him. My life, a damned game! I hear him even now as I walk through this home… Now, even as I write this I see him standing there grinning with his knife walking up to another person I am just trying to get close to. To try to get to know them better and really understand how they feel on the inside. He gets closer to her as I realize all I wanted was for her to spill her guts in front of me. I can’t stop him because even as I walk up to her to earn her I realize. This isn’t my house, it’s yours. And that man I was telling you about? The one I have been keeping you entertained reading about? He was the man in the mirror you keep behind you in your room. It’s me, turn around…

Author’s Note: Hi guys, this was my first attempt at something like this because horror is not my strongest topic and I didn’t know where to start. Let me know in the comments how I did and what I can do better. But remember. I’m new and would like to improve. -Percy

  • Eyeless_Unicorn

    It was good I liked it

  • Ayemdee Music

    I liked it for how short and simple it was.

  • Jordan

    It was really good 🙂

  • Amber Izer

    This was really good. While I read it I was wondering if the man was a metaphor for yourself. I was right. I hope you continue. Its a great start. Also your grammar could use a little work. The story will flow a lot more smoothly. Please continue.

  • Konyé

    This was nice, I like the long stories but the short and simple ones are really good as well. Overall this story was great.

  • Paige