Her Paralyzed Mind

On September 12th, 2000, a young girl was born. Something was wrong though, for she did not breath but lived. This forced doctors to inspect the girl. She wasn’t human nor animal, but a corruption of earth. They sent the infant to Kinon’s Lab, where she was newly raised.

*Present Day*

So-Young was having her 12th birthday tomorrow. She was so excited for the present she knew Kinon would give her, she’d go to school. This sent her 5 feet in the air with excitement. As she walked downstairs, though, she noticed… a thing… It was unexplainable, for all she new was it connected to her.

“So-Young, come down for breakfast! It’s your favorite!” exclaimed Kinon. So-Young had not known how Kinon found a carcus. But she was hungry so didn’t think about it, instead, her mind was on that object.

As she dashed to the kitchen, she smelt that the carcus was fresh… and her eyes widened. She was having something fresh, savoury, and brightening.

After breakfast, So-Young went to see the item from earlier. Instead, though, it had went and sat on her pillow. She picked it up, “A metal thing? Kinon never explained this to me…” and boom, she pulled the pistol’s trigger. She felt pain for once, but surprisingly enjoyed it. She then realized what happened. She shot herself.

After what had happened, So-Young realized that she hurt inside and was glitching more. She felt broken and fixed at the same time…

“Hello? Anyone here?” she shouted, no answer. Only a breeze, She tried again. “Helloooooo?! If somebody’s there can you tell me where I am?!”

Suddenly, So-Young finds herself falling down. “S**t,” she says, “now where am I? What kind sick prank is this?” The atmosphere around her becomes darker and she sees a tall figure. “Hey, tell me where I am now. I gotta get back home!”

She was then taken to a place by the figure. “This is not real… You’re imagining again…” she thought to herself. When they arrived, the faceless man said, “I am the Slenderman.” So-Young then said what angered him.

“I will not believe you, father said you are to be fake. I may eat the bodies, but you shall not kidnap me when I am only just a child!!”

Then she fell once again into a dark abyss. Lonely and scared, she curled up in a ball to cry, and was found, and impaled.

Now, So-Young walks around looking for the people near the sharp things… and pushes them to be backstabbed and impaled. They have been left to die.