Her Boyfriend

I know that they are some really sick and messed up people out there, but I never knew that my older sister would date one of them.

This guy was so messed up from the start, by the way he talked, what he said, and just overall the way he looked at me, like I was a freak when he was the actual freak. He would usually throw out mean comments about me but saying he was just joking after. He wasn’t joking I could tell. By, the tone of his voice and the way he looked at me. Oh, the looks I don’t even want to think about it right now! Even though I got really offended, I just brushed these off thinking that it was just normal behavior.

I think I really got on his s**t list when I stopped him from hitting my sister’s a*s. He was about to do it but I yelled out,”Don’t do that,” because I was right there and it would really disgust me to really see that. Who wants to see that anyway? After that he would really hate me and be mean to me. He would punch me and talk nasty to me. He also try sexually touching my sister but I would stop him. I was just trying to protect like a brother would do, plus she didn’t like being touched those ways. I could tell in his eyes he was really annoyed with me. I always felt better when he left to go home, I couldn’t deal with his s**t!

One night I was having trouble sleeping because I kept hearing noises outside the house. I was sleeping on and off that night. One time when I woke up, I thought I saw something moving behind my sweaters hanging on my door, like it was trying to hide behind them. I brushed it off thinking that it was my mind messing with me because I was half asleep and half awake. So, I just went back asleep. The next day was school so I didn’t have to worry about seeing Him. That night I finally slept well and woke up only once to hearing footsteps in my room. I was too tired to get up and see what it was and I just thought it was my dog finding a place to lay down and rest. I woke up to find writing on the wall. Holy s**t, I have to clean this crap off the wall now, I thought to myself, angrily. When I put my glasses on, I finally read what it said. In red ink it said, “U need to die!” I got even more mad thinking it was a prank from one of my family members. You don’t say that to a family member! I washed it off and I asked at the kitchen table during breakfast about the writing. They all said they didn’t do it. It was really strange.

That night I was too paranoid to go to sleep. I just laid there on my side for 2 hours straight. Then I thought I heard a door open and close. Footsteps were now coming toward my bedroom door. It opened and closed. All that was there now was silence. I looked over my shoulder to see a dark figure in my room. My heart was beating like crazy now, I was so scared. It was right next to my bed, looking down at me! Then I heard a voice whisper in my ear,”You need to die!” It was my sisters boyfriend. Yup, you knew it was coming didn’t you! “You are not coming in between us, you hear me,” he said. Then I felt hands wrap around my neck. He was trying to strangle me! I was able to bite his hand and he let go, moaning in pain. I turned on the light and I punched him in the nose and he backed away hitting his head on the dresser. He then fell on the floor unconscious and I saw how he got in the house, he had one of our spare house keys that he must’ve stolen from one of our draws! It fell out of his pocket so I took it back. I called the police and they came in a few minutes. He was then arrested for trying to kill me. As the police took him away, he gave me that look for the last and final time.

I am so glad it’s over and for my sister’s boyfriend, let’s never meet again. I just hope I don’t date a crazy girlfriend!