Drip… Drip… Drip

When I was 10 years old, I encountered something unimaginable that I can’t forget to this day.

It was a new year, my family moved in a new house as it was closer to my parent’s office. I did not like the new house as I found it to be a little sketchy.

Little did I know, someone or something else was living in the house…

It was a stormy night, my parents are out and my siblings are asleep, only the oldest in the house, I sometimes check on my siblings but on this one very night, everything changed.

It was about 4am in the morning, everyone was asleep. Once in a while, I would get afraid of the thundering sounds so I would put my hand below my bed and let my dog lick it to know that I wasn’t alone.

I couldn’t sleep, I kept hearing dripping sounds coming from the toilet in front of my room, I thought it was a pipe leaking but sooner or later I learnt that it wasn’t water at all…

It was already 6am, the booming sounds of the thunder made me scared again. I put my hand below my bed again to let my dog lick it.

The dripping sound coming from the toilet was annoying me a lot, finally after a few minutes or gaining courage, I got up and made my way to the toilet.

When I turned on the toilet light, I saw it… I saw what was making the dripping noise, It was my dog sliced in half and it was tied to the ceiling of the toilet and blood was dripping from it.

I looked at the mirror and saw words written in my dog’s blood, it says, “Humans can lick too,” I ran as fast as I could to my sibling’s room to protect them but I was too late, they were already gone. Only a splatter of blood was left on their bed sheets, I quickly ran to the corner of their room and cried loudly.

When morning came, my parents got home and found me crying in the corner of my sibling’s room and even found my dead dog.

From there on, this incident still remains in my mind, I have been trying to figure out who murdered my dog and kidnapped my siblings for year now. I am not stopping just yet….

  • MidKnight

    You copied this from the urban legend ” humans can lick too”.

    • Kirah Peyton

      He might have but who the hell cares. Like Anon said, it creepypasta. Do you know how many stories are probably based or copied from legends, especially urban legends?

  • Desere√© Lizbeth Smith

    I agree with both, Anon and Kirah.
    The more detail work and adjective clauses that make you –see, feel, hear, smell– lets your readers get a grasp of what your character is going through. Make their spine tingle.
    That’s why urban legends are still told, in different ways, all languages, all over the world.
    Every culture has a “big foot, yeti, grass ape, mud monster… ” The list continues..