The Prey Part 1

SEPTEMBER 21, 1993

United States, California

10:48 AM

“Hahahahah. You are funny Chris!”
“For you only darling.”

1:23 PM

“Chief. Looks like the same guy again. The weapon is a regular kitchen knife wraped in aluminium foil.”
“What does this guy want? And why is he wraping his knives in aluminium foil?”
“Hey Chief! You better see this.
( Forensic inspector pulls out a piece of cloth from the victim )
Its cloth. Probably has some DNA on it.”
“Send it to forensic lab.”
“Okay Chief.”
“Francis! Come over here.”
“Yes Chief?”
“Where are these tyre tracks going?”
“Looks like the suspect is heading west.”
“Why west?”
“Because its where..”
“Where what?”
“Where he got his first victim.”
“Alright everyone we are going to the place where he got his first victim.”

3:14 PM

“Hello Chief. This is different. I never saw something like this.”
“Why? What happend?”
“Well the killer. He managed to.. Uhh.. Rip the heart out.”
“There were no signs of weapons.. The heart.. Its gone.”
“Wait a minute. You are trying to say that he ripped the heart out without touching the victim?”
“That is right sir. No signs of stiches, knife marks or anything that would allow the killer touch the inside of the victims body.”
“What in the world is going on?”


9:23 AM

“Hello everybody. My name is Linda and you are watching the morning news. Todays top story is really difficult to understand. A wierd creature is running around California and no-one knows what is it. The locals described it like this.
“So i was awoken by that weird nose of someone ripping something like a paper. So that happend in between 3 and 4 in the morning. So I went outside to check it out and see this dark but skinny creature just walking around. It looked like a human but it had longer arms than the whole body. It was a hell of experience!”
“We asked the police what is going on but no-one knows. The only evidence police found is molten aluminium trails that are going in circles. WARNING TO THE ALL LOCALS IF YOU SEE A ALUMINIUM TRAIL DO NOT FOLLOW IT AS IT COULD LEAD TO SERIOUS INJURIES OR DEATH!”
( TV turns off )
“Heheheh.. They won’t even know what hit ’em!”

11:35 AM


“Has anyone seen Chief?”
“Where is he?”
“Why you so worried?”
“Because it Chief we are talking about. The guy who was here 2 or 3 hours before us!”
“Maybe he just overslept.”
“Maybe. What if it has something to do with the murders?”
“Then you can’t help him. You know that he stays in the house all day when he does not understand the murder!”
“Alright. I’ll actually gonna check him out.”
“Do whatever you want!”



“Chief! You there? Chief!?”
( Weird voice that sounds like white noise speaks )
“Chief? Is that you?”
“Alright. I’m going!”
( The doors open )
“Oh my God! Ahhhh!!”


Local news report

“Strange things are happening in Europe this week. The unknown rain is know called “Aluminium Rain” as aluminium is falling of the sky! The ISS has seen the phenomenon and reported it! Here’s what they said : “The aluminium is forming as an asteroid in the actual Earth’s atmosphere! ( A large boom is heard ) What was that? Okay we have to go! Goodbye ISS out!” That was horrifying. This was Valeria and you were watching the Morning News!”


2:14 PM

“What’s the loss?”
“It’s Chief and Francis.”
“Oh dear. Look!”
“Whats that?”
“Burn mark. Like something really hot fell on the floor.”
“Like aluminium.”
“Prepare the SWAT team! Secure the area of this town! Don’t let anyone in or out! Team 12 and 13 is going to patrol the neighbourhood. You are going to speak out to comm’s where are you and that you are okay understood?”
“Yes, SIR!”
“Alright. We are not going to lose more men! This means war with this creature!”
( A black SUV arrives to the crime scene )
“We are the FBI nobody move!”
“What are you doing here? This is my land!”
“It’s okay sir but this is extremely confidential and we have to explain nothing. Now you are all arrested for disturbing the investigation of FBI!”
“This is madness!”
“We believe it is but it’s for your own good!”
“You can’t do this! Everybody is going to die!”
“We got everything under control! Now, if you say one more word against me you are going to real jail!”
“You can’t do that! You will rise an rebel! This is terrorising the town! You can’t do that!!”
“I’m sorry but we can! And we will for the safety of this nation and this country! Now please shut up and get on the ground!”
“I maybe am arrested but i will not lay on the ground like a dog!”



  • Dean Peters

    Not gonna lie this needs a lot of work, but mostly just polish, the story itself is interesting but all the grammar errors and repetitive word choices detract from the whole experience

  • Dominik Kalezić

    Well yes.. needs polish and more work.. but i started making it around midnight im 14 and i do not live in us uk or any other country that speaks English so my grammar s***s ducks