Windy from Hell – Part 2

It’s been a week since my friend John went missing. The last time anyone had heard from him he had checked in at a hotel with the look of panic on his face. They said the police had received several complaints at the hotel of shrill screaming of the same room number that John had checked in that night.

When the police arrived on the site, all they could find in that room was blood that matched John’s. There was also a black sticky substance that was everywhere along with a take away bag that was from Windy’s restaurant and a message was written on that bag in the same black substance “Do you want to play with me?”

But that is the only known evidence the police officers gathered from the scene. So I decided to take things into my own hands and investigate the case myself and get to the bottom of John’s mysterious disappearance. The first place I went to look was John’s house. Now its surrounded by police tape just like any other crime scene. But I managed to sneak in without anyone seeing me. I looked around to see if I could find any clues

And boy did I find Clues. Near the torn up furniture. Was the same black substance found in John’s hotel room and written on the walls in the same black goo was the words. “Do you want to play with me?” I have seen those words before on television but seeing them in person just brings a chill down my spine. So I began to leave. But I was struck with the feeling that feeling I was being watched. Not by the police or Neighbors. But by something that was inhuman.

But I could not place that feeling. So I left. As I was going down the road back to my house. To further my investigation on file. I was stopped by a red light. As I was sitting there waiting for the light to change to Green. I saw something out of the corner of my eye. So I turned to what was there and as I did, there appeared to be a girl playing hopscotch. On the sidewalk

But something felt off about this little girl she was dressed in an old-fashioned Victorian dress, her hair in pigtail. She had porcelain white skin with freckles and I thought to myself no one dresses like that anymore unless they’re going to some type of costume party or convention

But I cannot take my eyes off of this little girl. I was almost entranced by her, right up until someone blowing their horn behind me broke my concentration. That’s when I noticed the light was Green and I finally took off. So when I finally made it to my house I got right to work and put the pieces of the puzzle together

Just like my friend John there has been cases of people going missing and the trace of the black substance was found at every crime scene. Like the one in the next town over where one boy went missing. He was last seen with his friend at Windy’s restaurant

And then another. As people would like to call it the gas leak incident. Where a young boy swore he saw a statue of the mascot Windy come to life. But was disregarded. Because he inhaled too much gas and the loss of his family causes him so much grief he could not cope with the reality. And most recently, my friend John

I could not put my finger on it but they were all connected in some way. All of the witness’s statements that were taken by the police, all the same thing. That they saw a girl dressed as Windy. This got me thinking about that little girl from earlier. This simply can’t be I said to myself. Somehow that little girl is connected to all this and somehow she has the answers. I was pulled from my thoughts as the doorbell rang. Startled. I went to the door to see who it was

And when I looked out the peephole of my door. I saw the same little girl from earlier. But this time she looked a lot different. Her hair was matted. Her dress was dirty and appeared to be stained with blood and this is when I thought. This poor girl could be in trouble and I needed to help her out. That was the worst mistake I could have made. I opened my door and I asked her, “Is everything alright sweetie? Do you need some help?”

And that’s when she looked up at me with those eyes. Those non-human eyes. She said to me, “No I don’t need any help. But would you play with me?” her tone was soft. But I struggled to hear her words and so I said, “What was that sweetheart? I did not hear you.” Then she said a little louder but more demonic this time. “Want to play with me.” After I heard this. I instinctively shut the door. And tried to lock it. But this thing was too strong, she managed to break down my door before I was able to lock it

So I ran to the drawer where my knives were and took one out and I began to run to the back door. As I got opened the door I heard the creature yell out, “Why won’t you come play with me. No one wants to play with me.” I started to scream back, “Stay back you f*****g monster. Or I will not hesitate to protect myself.”

And that’s when the thing started to laugh. And said, “You think you could kill me? No one can kill me. Not even that foolish man from before who would not play with me. I think his name was John. He made a good meal after I was through playing with him though.” After I heard this I almost puked and I burst into tears knowing that this thing killed my friend

So I had to think of a way to kill it before it killed me like it did my good friend john. So I swallowed my pride and ran back inside where the creature was. Knife in hand. I stood face-to-face with it this time and the features of this monster had changed. Its eyes were completely black. It’s skin was peeling away, and its teeth were sharp, jagged and stained with blood. Coming out of its mouth. Was the same gooey black substance that was found at every crime scene

It began to approach me, getting even closer. As I waited for the right opportunity and when it came, I lunged at it. Stabbing it multiple times in the face. It screamed with an ear-piercing screech. And I started to yell and scream at the monster. “Die you f*****g b***h die!” I kept on stabbing it to make sure it was dead. Then I got up and started to walk away. Thinking that I won and that’s when something grabbed my leg

The f*****g things hair had grabbed me by the leg like a tentacle and started to pull me back towards the supposing dead monster. As I glanced back at it, the creature’s was mouth wide open. Ready to eat me just as it did John. And then I blacked out. And I woke up freaking the f**k out. Until I realized I was safe and back home. In my own bed. And I thank God that it was only a dream but it felt so damn real. Maybe the searching for the missing people had finally got to me I thought

That is until I got ready to go to work the next morning after that horrible dream I walked out to my car. With a cup of coffee in my. And that’s when I saw it. On my car’s windshield. Was the same black substance written on it. It said, “Let’s play again next time… the end?”