Hacked Dragon Age

You may have heard of EA’s epic fantasy RPG, Dragon Age and probably have played it and loved it… Like me. It USED to be a favorite of mine,  I would stay up two days straight just playing, except to piss and eat mind you. Well after a week of getting the newest addition to the series (Dragon Age: Inquisition) my damned little sister stepped on the disk…. She was pitching a fit because I refused to play “barbies” with her due to me playing Dragon Age, so she practically tore open the disk tray on my Xbox and took the disk out, she ran out of room laughing manically and then I heard it, a quiet crunch… “MOLLY!” I ran out of my room and saw the sad remains of my new game laying on the floor in three pieces and her,  my sister just smiling up at me,  “Molly you idiot! Go to your room until mom gets home!” Molly’s lip quivered and she went to her room. I angrily took the broken disk to my room and threw it away, I seriously doubted Gamestop would’ve refunded it. When my mother got home I told her what Molly did and she was grounded for a week…. A WEEK. I was pissed but didn’t argue because mom said she’d buy a new copy the next day and knowing mom she wouldn’t get the right one what with short term memory loss and her complete idiocy towards video games- I’m getting off topic. So she went to work and after came home,  I was salivating with excitement but the box she handed me was a nondescript, clear case with a blank disk in it I didn’t look unhappy but in my head I figured it was a badly done burned copy, but not being an open, ungrateful a*s I took the game and ran to my room and I almost hesitantly put it into my Xbox… The icon popped up and it was the official image! It couldn’t be a burned copy then! I played it and the normal menu was there but…  It to the right of the screen and only half of the menu’s options were even in sight… Great it was a crappy bootlegged game… But there was a continue option, I chose it figuring it was my character I had previously made and it loaded. My character was a level 20 elfish mage, I worked my a*s off to get there. But what loaded was a level 0… Black.. Mass like Corypheus, Two things went through my head 1) LEVEL 0 ISN’T POSSIBLE  and 2) How am I playing Corypheus? That’s impossible…  It started as normal,  Divine Justina dies and I’m held prisoner by Cassandra Pentagast. But when she came into view her eyes were missing and her eye sockets were huge black holes and her mouth….  Oh god  the mouth…  It was a huge hole with sharp teeth and her complexsion was that of a 90 year old woman and her voice was echoing and deep like she was possessed. She explained the atrocities I had committed in terrifying detail and then a group of the inquisitions leaders, Cullen,  Lilliana, the diplomat chick and all of my followers came in all with features like Cassandra’s. I was seriously terrified and realized this wasn’t the fade (the games spiritual realm) or the eny demons tricks it was real. And I mean literally real,  I was seeing and hearing it all in my head, Cassandra’s unholy voice sentencing me to death and then…  All of the people who had walked in taking bites out of me and mutilating me and then I woke up my Xbox had the red ring of death and I was in the floor. I skipped dinner that night and went straight to bed were I saw a replay of what happened in the game and then that black mass walked into me and I heard Corypheus’ voice inside me, telling  me to do horrific things all while Cassandra and the others are me… I woke up but wasn’t exactly me and I went to my sisters room and started to tear into her flesh with my teeth while her screams filled the air and my mom burst in and then as if coming out of a trance I awoke with chunks of my six year old sister in between my teeth and smiling at my mother, the authorities admitted me to an insane asylum after my trial and sadly for my mom, she doesn’t realize she’s next and then you. Sleep well.

  • PinkBird

    This just makes me want to play the whole series again…

  • PurplexiaSphinx

    I came in with so much hope… The scene where Molly smashes the disk PHYSICALLY hurt me. I’m very attached to my games.
    Luckily my dad’s a gamer and I play PS4 so I’m pretty safe from sister-game-attacking.