Grandpa’s House

Day 1

Once I had to go to my grandpa, but for first time I must slept there. My room was very small. Only one bed, one table and the terrible picture. I was always scary from old pale humans in the old pictures. The walls were damped.

Night 1

I always looked on the creepy person and then I had heard such a weird sound like a snoring and scratching. First I thought  it was my grandpa, but he didn’t do it because it was so loud.

Day 2

Another day I said everything to my grandpa but he didn’t care. He was that day kinda weird. He was locked in his room. I spent my day watching TV, but that wasn’t all. I found a secret box with photos and the weirdest thing was that I’m in all photos. “Either way I’m his only one grandson,” said I to myself and tried to calm down.

Night 2

I heard that sound again. But now it was like a woman in abuse. I thought it was in radio or in TV. I couldn’t sleep, so I went to the grandpa’s room and he wasn’t there. I was looking around the room and then some door somebody closed I laughed. I ran immediately in my bed. I was like a stone. I did nothing. I was just looking on the damped ceiling and listened the noises.

Day 3

I said everything to my grandpa and he ignored me again. Then he went in his cellar. I had to call my mother. I called her, but she told me, “Everything will be okay my son.” I was f*****g scary.

Night 3

I haven’t seen grandpa for all day. All night I heard that terrible sound and creepy noises. After 2 hours he came into my room and said, “Next night you will get a little surprise.” My feelings were mixed, but I could sleep better because it was for me first good new. Either way I still scared.

Day 4

I woke up at 9 AM. I didn’t see my grandpa. He let me paper with a message. He wrote that I have to be at 11 a clock in cellar. I was little scary because I hate cellars too. I spent every day watching TV, also I made a decision, that I gotta go out. I wanted to open the door, but door was locked. So I spent my day sitting on a couch and eating some corn flakes.

Night 4

I waited until 11 PM. I was looking on the picture and the person reminded someone, but I didn’t know whom. It was 10:55 PM and I heard door opening. My grandpa went in my room with terrific mask and gloves. He said, “Now you are my I gonna make you more nice Hahahahah!”

I shouted and ran away from house but miserable. He caught me and put the mask on my face. I cried and shouted. I woke up in her cellar. It was for me shock because the person in the picture is me.

  • Justin Galpin


  • Chris

    I second what Justin said.

  • Justin Raborn

    Dude, learn English.

  • Simon

    Yeah, this was a mess.

  • Sarita Tinsley King

    I can’t even tell what the plot is about lmao

  • Nicolette Michael

    Was thistory possible maybe write in another Lang uages? I am think it may be on someway Trans Lation very super badly.

  • Adrienne Black

    I understood it..a little stoned, so it translated great in my head..