Arbatian Mental Institution Ch.4 Mama’s Boy

A staff by the name of Patricia Dawson goes down Wing B to do checks after reading logs in a communication book about new individuals. She strolls down the hall with her night stick bouncing off her thick thigh, no worries on her mind. Peeping through the tiny windows she keeps her daily routine.

Nothing out of the ordinary to see, a woman pulling strands of her hair out and observing it like a foreign object before swallowing it. The room to the right holds a scrawny man with scratches across his body. His chest and stomach heavily scabbed over with dried blood and dead skin hanging from lacerations. Bloody skin embedded under his brittle nails, his ribcage pokes out through his dark skin. Patricia giggles and continues to stroll, it’s just another day in paradise.

Passing door eight she notices something dark covering the window. She stops to bang on the door but hears nothing but silence, unlocking it reveals the light is out in the room. A torn piece of fabric sticks to the window with a dried substance holding it in place.

The hallway light being dim didn’t give the dark room justice. Opening the door all the way she sees no one in the room, just a foul smell.

Turning back to go to the desk she hears a childs voice whispering. She stops and rears her head towards the dark room carefully looking it.

“Alright who’s there?” She asks while gripping her night stick.

“I’m so cold mommy, why did you put me here? I miss you.”

A voice no older than a seven year old boy could hold is heard, whimpering. Patricia was an evil woman, a perfect fit for the Institution, but even a childs cries could touch her icy heart.

Bending down near the bed she whispers, “Hey there it’s okay, you wanna come out? I’m not gonna hurt you.”

More whimpering is heard as the child, still unseen, whispers, “That’s not what I’m afraid of.”

Puzzled she very slowly leans in under the bed and asks, “Come on out, what are you afraid of then?”

A grown man with a baby face reveals himself from the dark and yells, “This!”

He pulls her under the bed before she’s able to grab her stick.

Another guard by the name of Kenny Farson walks down to do checks and notices the door wide open with no one around. He sees a liquid forming into a large pool coming from the black room. He grabs his stick and runs in unaware that what he would see would give him nightmares.

Kenny jumps back hurling vomit onto the floor in-between screaming for back up. Two more guards come running down the hallway preparing themselves.

They stop in shock as they see Patricia on the floor, her cold dead eyes aimed towards the ceiling. Her stomach split apart with her organs and snapped bones stacked up in a wet pile next to her. The man, Jefferson Topier curled up inside her belly with her skin pulled over him like a blanket. She had been a rather large woman and with him being so thin, was easy to fit in.

Jefferson looks up and smiles with an innocence as if he’s done something righteous.

“Isn’t she beautiful? I couldn’t fit inside my old mommy, it feels so good to be back in the womb. I love you mama.”

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