Good Girl Bad Habits Ch. 1

Ch.1 Pilot//
‘ugh, what time is it?’ Lilly says in her head as she slowly lifts her head to glance at her alarm clock.

“F**k. 3:00AM?!”
Another night’s sleep ruined.

Lilly came downstairs and flipped on the TV. She took the remote and flipped through the channels.

“Nothing but stupid f*****g infomercials.” She says, annoyed.
“Oh well, guess I’ll just watch a movie.”

She looks through her movies, finds one she likes, puts it in, loads some ganja in her favorite bong, and covers up in a blanket on the couch with her favorite bag of chips and a can of her favorite soda, and starts to watch it..

But something just couldn’t get out of her head. The very thing that woke her up. As much as she tried to distract herself from thinking about it, she just couldn’t get it off her mind. And now, now she is losing sleep even..

Let’s backtrack a little..

Meet Lilly. Well her legal birth name is Lilly Nikola Gollett. And no, Lilly is not short for anything, it’s just Lilly.

She stands a mere 5ft 1″, with long straight light brown hair, and beautiful Hazel eyes. Her Eyes change color depending on her mood or what she’s wearing usually but sometimes they change just because. They almost always are green with a little blue, gray, and just a hint of yellow in them. But sometimes they are just plain green or just plain gray or gray with a little blue. She has a large bust. A small waste. Thick thighs. & A good heart. But a very low self-esteem.. She’s pretty in the face. But she’s never thought of herself as anything special at all.
Until Joe came along..
But we’ll get back to that later.


“Crap. I just want some sleep already..” Lilly says, in a tired voice.
The nightmare she had was just horrible. Of those.. Events.. How could she sleep ever again or go on with a normal life?
-6 months earlier//before the big event//

“Lilly!!” Shouts Brandy. “LILLY!!”
Hearing someone yell my name, I turned around and before I had time to really react, Brandy, jumped on me and squeezed my neck giving me the tightest hug ever.
I hugged her back, despite how hard she was squeezing.

“Hey girl what’s up?!”

“Just getting ready to go to math. Ya know that class you never go to?!” She laughs.

“Hey I go! I just don’t go as much as I should, I guess you could say.. haha.”

“‘Ha’okay chicka! I was just giving you a hard time anyway. Well gotta go. I love you dude. Let’s hangout later?!” She says hopeful.

“Sure, and I love you too dude! And ya that sounds great! I’ll let you know when I’m free next!” I replied smiling at her.

She smiled back, “Awesome dude, later!”


–Brandy is my best friend. We have our ups and downs like everyone does with any kind of relationship. But man I love this girl. She’s like my sister. She’s a little ditsy and doesn’t have much street smarts or common sense, her book smarts are about average, but she is funny and has a kind heart.

She has blonde medium length hair, with light blue eyes, a pretty face, a small bust, and a thicker figure. She also hates the way she looks, like me, but I think she’s beautiful. I wish she could see that.–

That night/

‘Oh a text message’. I said in my head grabbing my phone and unlocking it to read what has been sent to me.

‘New Text Message from Joe’
The phone read.

‘Joe!’ I thought.

I opened the message excitedly.
Joe: meet me at the cafe on 12th at 11am Saturday.
Me: I’ll be there.
Joe: looking forward to it 😉
Me: same here handsome 😉
Joe: I’m going to bed beautiful but I’ll see you tomorrow. Goodnight! I love you.
Me: Okay hun see you tomorrow 🙂 goodnight baby I love you too!

Joe is about 5ft 10″ and has dark brown beautiful eyes and dirty brown hair with a tent of a ginger color in it. He has muscular arms and broad shoulders. He has adorable light freckles and a s**y scruffy beard that matches his head hair in color. He’s my boyfriend. And I am absolutely in love with him.
Back to the present for a minute. I should probably mention to you guys. We’re serial killers. And here’s our story.. The story of who I was before Joe.. And who I am .. now.

Some say he made me this way.. But who knows? Maybe I have always been this way.. Maybe part of me deep down has just been waiting for the right time to let it out and unleash the monster.. Living inside of me.

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    Lilly is like me…but I’m not a killer yet 😢

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    I really liked reading this can’t wait for chapter 2!

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    I feel you bounced around a little to much to soon. Otherwise good read. Keep it up. And share some of that ganja. I’m dry. 👍