Grisly: A Dark Web Tale Ch.6 The Playroom

Jenny twists the doorknob in a forced strain with hopes of a miracle happening. S**t luck spit in her face as she turned her thoughts towards the squishing foot steps quickly approaching her. Instinctively, she lets gravity grab hold of her weight as she falls backwards to the floor. Claws strike the door by mistake, dragging downwards in a heavy swing they ripple among the wood creating curled rolls of shavings to rain down. Rolling onto her belly, she crawls between his broad legs, salty tears rolling over her cheeks as panic begins to pick apart fragments of hope she desperately clung to.

Her fingers slide across the floor trying to grab onto anything within reach. The softly, matted ground was all that was within her reach. It consisted of large squares of the material, all arranged together like a puzzle. A hand grips her foot through the brown fur suit, wrapping around her slender ankle, he lugs her up into the air and uses his other hand to grip around her thigh. Drug back she manages to pick a corner piece and tries to pull onto it. The matt rolls back exposing concrete beneath. She slides up between his legs and dangles in the air. Her mouth gapes open while her eyes clench, she didn’t realize how loud she was screaming until her conscience broke her barrier. Streams of red pooled into the crevice of her thigh and up over her p*****s and past her navel.

Jagged teeth tear into her inner thigh connecting to each other through a slab of muscle. He gives a hard tug but only loosens it within. Jenny swings her fist wildly, aiming for any part of his body through the suit. Making contact with his crotch, the man pulls his mouth back and heaves her back towards the stuffed animals. Sliding for a brief moment, she tumbles over into the plush animals.

“Daddy, those are my toys! Get her!” The girl yells. Daddy lifts himself up from his craned position and stands up, a throbbing sensation aches among his groin. Turning around he sees Jenny crawling backwards after coming to her senses.

Her hands press down on stuffed toys as she tries to climb backwards. Terrified, she begins to push the toys out of the way in a scattered motion, sweeping them across the floor. Daddy steps towards her, kicking the toys away as he approaches in slow steps. Arching a paw back, he hovers over her as she tries to scramble for anything to protect her. Claws swipe across her belly, digging trenches into her flesh. Jenny rolls over, mouth hanging open as drool leaks out. She tries to kick him with her good foot once more, but he pushes it away and grips around her waist.

“Finish it, Daddy! I wanna play!”

Daddy picks Jenny up with one arm around her back. His other grips the pointed tips of his claws into her scalp, forcing her head sideways to reveal her neck. Reaching down his jaw widens, ready to bite. Jenny thrashes her head forward, slipping loose of his grip and collides with the mask. A light crunch is heard and Daddy lets go of her allowing her to hit the floor.

“F*****g b***h! That was my nose!”

He yells out more mumbled sentences as the tip of his bear face begins to turn a maroon color. Jenny rolls over onto a mat and quickly pulls the corner away exposing the hard floor. Twisting around while Daddy is hurt and angry, she kicks behind his knee causing him to tumble backwards. His head smashes onto the concrete, but not hard enough to knock him out. Dazed for a moment, he lays there as the teenager yells at him to get up. She stood a good distance away as to not get hurt in the process.

Jenny crawls over and grips her hand among the sides of the jaws, pulling until they come loose from the suit. Daddy shakes off his dizziness and sees her hovering over him. She reacts quickly and slams the jaws down at an angle towards the corner of the head. Appying pressure, they tear through the suit and into his head. Blood spurts out in small squirts between the set of teeth. He thrashes his body around while trying to grab hold of her. Claws enter her hair and drive across her skull. Her adrenaline comtinues to spike as she presses down harder, this time she can hear the brittle peak of bones cracking. Both paws drop to the floor. Jenny trembles staring at the second person she’s had to kill. She picks her head up to see the girl staring at her from afar. Her face was twisted in a expression of fear and disgust.

The spiked energy coursing through her veins gives her the strength to stand on both feet. A heating throb was aching up to her thigh on one leg, but forcefully she took another step towards the girl. The jaws in her right hand after pulling them out of Daddy.

“Where is Sam? And how do we get out of here?” Jenny asks. Her voice carrying more tones of anger than fear.

The teen pouts her lip and glosses her eyes over in a saddened look. “That was my Daddy. I’m not telling you anything, this isn’t even the worst room!”

“Fine, ‘princess’,” Jenny replies while taking steps forward. Wet footprints stain the mat behind her as she gets closer to the girl. “I’m gonna do what I have to do to survive, and Sam is coming with me when I leave here. One more time I’m gonna ask-”

“You won’t make it! No one has survived Grisly! Your friend is dead by now, she’s with the cannibal o**y!”

Jenny stops and stares at her. Rage overcomes her thoughts, no longer was intimidation in mind, but rather revenge, even on a small part of the game like her. She takes two steps closer in a hurried motion and swings the jaw set at an angle. An eyeball is slit open as fluid leaks out onto the groove going down her cheek. The teenager screams and puts her hands up. Jenny swings again and again, never letting go of the teeth. They shred through muscle and flesh with ease. The girl falls backwards into a corner, her face was unrecognizable. It was as if she stuck her face into a blender. Twitching around on the floor, she bleeds out silently. Jenny drops the teeth and turns around, placing one arm across her stomach. The anger faded away, and now a sick feeling was making an entrance once more.

Wiping an escaping tear, she mutters “I’m coming for you, Sam.”

  • Lazlo

    I really like this story please finish. Your story telling is fantastic, your story makes me sick in the best way possible. please make more

    • Ray Ramirez

      Hey Thanks! I’m sorry I’m just now seeing this, apologies for the late reply. I’m trying to finish up but my mind has just been blank lately. As soon as I finish the next chapter I’ll post it.