Funhouse of Fear

This is my first Creepypasta, and I know it’s cliche but what the hell.

“Come on already,” Jack called, obviously aggravated with how slow the group was progressing.

“It’s not our fault Sara’s walking so slow,” Max called back.

“Well thanks for being the gentleman and staying with me. Without you I don’t think I’d be able to stand,” she said sarcastically.

“I’m staying in the back because if you walk any slower we’ll lose you. This way we can all stay together… more or less,” Max said while watching Jack go running through the fields ahead of them.

The group of Jack, Sara, and Max were the troublesome bunch at the Robert E. White High School. They had been shipped off to France to peak their interest in any topic they wanted, giving them a reason to stay in the prestigious school. They stayed in a nearly desolate area, aside from the four or five people walking by on Sunday for the church service. Jack was the more adventurous one in the group, so he proposed an idea to go exploring the land around them after their last class.

Max was the best student of the bunch, often dragged down by the rest of the group.

“I don’t think that’s a good idea. The teachers will catch us, and then we’ll surely be expelled,” said Max.

Sara didn’t seem to want to be at the school. In Max’s opinion, she was just a rich girl, riding the waves of money her parents brought in.

“Anything that’ll get me outta this place I’m game for,” she said.

Before lunch, there was nothing more to discuss. Max didn’t want to go, but of course, he had to. What if they got lost? Or one of them got hurt? Max was the only one that could take charge in this scenario. They snuck past what little teachers were in the building. Jack had decided that they go around the back of the building because the surrounding  wall was lower, and everyone could get back over quickly. No one opposed, as Sara just wanted to get out and Max simply kept quiet although he didn’t like the idea in the first place. They all hopped over the wall and then began their trek to wherever the wind would take them (not too far as not to be late to dinner, though).

The second they stepped outside the wall, Max had an uneasy feeling. He knew better than to wander after school hours, let alone to abandon school grounds! He knew this was bad, but he had already taken the first plunge. Turning back now would make him look bad. The last thing Max needed was his so-called friends making fun of his choices. Sara looked distressed, but it was because she had ripped her handbag’s leather. She could care less if she was expelled. Jack looked giddy from the rush of adrenaline from sneaking off school grounds. Although Jack considers himself an adrenaline junkie, it was well known the most exciting thing he had done was not wear a seatbelt during a joyride.

“Let’s go,” Jack called once again.

Max prodded Sara with a stick that he had found to get her to move faster.

“Hey! This jacket is worth more than you are!” Sara fumed.

“Wow, expensive leather. Basically expensive cow skin. Sounds elegant.”

“More elegant than poking a lady with a stick.”

“I’d hardly call you a lady.”

“Can we just go?” Jack sighed. The argument came to a sudden stop when they spotted an oddly shaped building in the distance. Jack was at a loss for words, and could only let out an astonished “Woah.”

“We should probably head back. It is getting pretty late after all,” Max said.

“Why would we do that? It’s probably one of those cool abandoned towns or whatever,” Sara said with a strong tone of arrogance.

“But still, why go towards the creepy looking town when dinner is almost done cooking back at school?”

“Because school is boring. Let’s go,” Jack said briefly right before he ran ahead.

“Jack! Slow down,” Max called as he and Sarah ran after him. As the reached the building, they noticed that the building they had seen stood alone. The sign next to it read ‘Funhouse!’

“This is pretty cool if you ask me,” Jack said almost bursting from excitement.

” I don’t know. The fact that it’s here by itself is eerie enough,” Max said.

“I’m going in it,” Sara said, putting her own interests ahead, as always.

“Why would you do that? You might get electrocuted from loose wiring! Hey, what’s that I smell? Probably dinner cooking back at school. Let’s just go back,” Max said, desperately trying to get them away from the eerie building.

Unfortunately, Max’s attempts were in vain. Sara continued walking towards the house.

She stopped at the front door, turned around and said, “Well? Aren’t you two coming?”

Jack leaped forwards to follow Sara into the dark building.

“Come on Max,” Sara said impatiently.

“Yeah Max, let’s go! Can’t keep waiting’ around like this, right,” Jack asked, obviously too excited to think logically.

All Max could do was mutter a scared “All right,” and continue to the house with the group. The door opened with a creaking noise when Sara pushed it.

“Woah! This is so sick,” Jack said, spinning around while walking forward to look at his surroundings. There was a suit of armor that had a wire leading up to it. There also seemed to be a mirror maze after the suit of armor. Max had assumed that the suit was operated with some kind of control panel. Jack ran up to the armor and peered inside the helmet.

He then knocked on the helmet and asked “Anybody home?”

Jack thought this was hilarious, but Max thought otherwise. Sara, of course, couldn’t care less.

Jack called back to Sara and Max while leaning on the armor saying “Come on you guys! Don’t wanna’ lose your knight in shining armor, do you?”

Sara laughed as Jack started walking back to them.

Jack suddenly stopped.

“Hey! My hero! What’s the holdup,” Sara asked.

“I dunno’ about this guys. Feels like someone’s watchin’ me or something,” Jack said.

“Oh get over it. This place has probably been here, untouched at that, for years,” Sara replied.

“Yeah but-” Jack was cut short from finishing his sentence. He flopped down onto the ground. He landed on his arm and stayed sideways on the ground. Sara shrieked. All Max could do was stare in disbelief. Jack had been impaled by a steel sword. The armor previously in a standing position was now lunged forward.

“The knight… the knight killed Jack,” Sara asked in disbelief.

Max Suddenly grabbed Sara by the arm pulled her to the doors saying “We have to go. Now!”

Sara turned and ran with Max still pulling her forward. The doors slammed shut just before they reached them. Sara started to pound on the door and yelling through her tears “What are we going to do?”

Max turned around and looked at the room they were in. He realized if they could run past the knight, and through the mirror maze, they could be able to reach the other end of the funhouse. If the door in the front was closed, that would mean that the back doors were probably closed too. but it was also likely that the back doors opened outward so they might be able to ram the door open with their bodies.

“Sara, you have to listen to me. Jack is dead. We can’t worry about that. We have to get out. Follow me.” Max said.

“But, but,” Sara mumbled. Max could see that she was almost in hysterics, and it looked like she could start hyperventilating at any moment.

Max grabbed her arm again and said “Sara. Let’s go. We have to go right now,” hoping to get some of her attention.

Sara trudged forward as Max dragged her along. The two slowly started gaining speed. As they ran around Jack’s body and the knight, Max noticed that the wires leading to the knight were unplugged.

How could the knight have been controlled then? Max thought. He ignored the thought.

Sara tripped over herself and stumbled to the left, so Max let go of her and ran to the right. Sara called out desperately “Max?”

“I’m right here! Just keep going through the maze, and you’ll be fine. Trust me,” Max said as he ran through the maze. Suddenly, something caught his eye.

He looked at one of the mirrors. He couldn’t keep his eyes off of it. It was an image of him like any normal mirror would show, except this mirror kept changing him. The mirror showed him in different clothing, different colors, and different shapes. Suddenly, the mirror went black. Max stared at the mirror in disbelief, longing for the beautiful colors to come back. Max didn’t have the time to think about the mirror anymore, just what was coming out of it. Out of the mirror came a dark gruesome figure, sharing Max’s physical features. That is, if Max had been mixed with a dog that had been hit by a truck.

Max yelled “Sara! Don’t look at the mirrors! Just run!”

Max sprinted for as long as he could but kept running into the mirrors. All of them flashed images of the creature that was chasing Max. He spun around one corner and then followed the path from there. Then he reached what he wished he would never have reached. In front of him were three mirrors. One at his front, one at his right, and one at his left. Max had reached a dead end.

He spun around to face his fate. The creature slowly walked around the corner, almost as if it knew it had outsmarted its prey. It stared at Max like it knew that the suspense was terrifying him. The creature snarled at Max. It revealed its two sets of teeth when it opened its hideous mouth. The creature jumped at Max and toppled him over. Instead of going for the neck like any normal animal, the creature tore off chunks of flesh, ensuring that Max would have a slow painful death.

Sara kept running like Max said. She had to get out.  She could hear Max’s shrieks of agony. She didn’t want to die, She couldn’t bear to stay in this demented funhouse any longer. As she was running she slammed into something. Very quickly that something gave way. She toppled over and landed on what felt like grass. She opened her eyes and surely enough, it was grass! The doors gave way and she fell out of the funhouse. She shed tears of joy as she got up. She turned around and started running. She didn’t care about anything except getting back to school.

As she was running she noticed something in the distance. She couldn’t quite see what it was. All she knew is that it kind of looked like the school, so she ran to it. Once she finally reached the shape in the distance, she knew her eyes had deceived her. Instead of a building, there were two tall spikes in the ground. The spikes seemed abnormal in shape so she went to take a closer look. When she did, she found that the spikes had Jack impaled on one and Max impaled on the other.

She was shocked that she could even recognize Max. His flesh was torn up in all sorts of ways. As she stepped back in horror, she heard a voice.

“How lovely,” it said.

Sara tried to run, but couldn’t. She froze in place. A spike quickly arose from the ground and impaled Sara. Sara stared in disbelief at the spike that ran through her stomach. She hung there, helpless and slowly dying.

The voice spoke again, saying “How lovely. A rose between two thorns.”