Jack in Black Pt. 2

“Where was I?” The monster asked, “Oh, yes, I remember!”

I had stopped trying to talk under it’s hand. I would of easily slipped free but I felt paralyzed.

I was limp. The flashlight fell out of my hand. It radiated the burned out fire pit and Malik’s lower body. All else that was visible in the shaded clearing was the pale blue eyes of the monster. It had said it used to be a cat. Maybe it absorbed night vision from the cat like is absorbed my left leg?

“Well, my dear Malik, It’s simple,” It said, “I’m a shapeshifter.”

Malik’s fear was replaced by suspicion, “I’ve read folklore before; Shapeshifters don’t absorb anything-they just turn into it.”

“Ah, my child, I am not a mythical creature, but I am an alien from a different world.”

“No. you’re not,” Malik stood up, he hesitated, and decided to not walk over to it just in case, “A…. Aliens can’t just absorb things because they’re….. They….. alien….and stuff.”

“Yes… And no,” The ‘so called alien’ said, “Technically, I am not an alien. I was ‘born’ on Earth, but I WAS manufactured by aliens to this planet.”


“They made me.”

“So you’re a zombie?!” Malik exclaimed.

“Excuse me?” The alien asked, bewildered.

“Undead,” Malik corrected himself.

The alien seemed to think for a moment, “Well….. I was never dead so….. More like artificial life.”

“Like Frankenstein?!” Malik asked excitedly.

I rolled my eyes. The situation was actually pretty interesting and funny. I had completely forgot about how I cut my leg off. Somehow, my leg almost instantly healed when I cut it off. It was obviously something to do with the alien.

My severed leg had started to turn back to normal. I also noticed that the alien’s own left leg had turned back to it’s natural state. I assumed that, technically, the thing wasn’t natural considering that it was created by aliens. Apparently, God isn’t the only creator of life.

“Frankly-shine? What is that?” The alien queried.

Frankenstein,” Malik corrected it.

I tried to mumble, “He doesn’t know who that is, you idiot!” But it just sounded like, “We dehheh kna hool ta ish!”

Malik, since he knew me well and was used to my voice, made out what I said after he thought about it, “Oh…,” He blushed in embarrassment, “Hehe…. Aaaaaanyway! Please continue. Nevermind what I said.”

“Well, my creators visited and still do visit humans today. They had come to, I believe, ‘Egypt’ around three thousand years ago. I think year was 23,582,913,309, or 1271 BC to you humans, when they started construction on me.”

“Why did they make you?”

“To watch over Earth.”

“I thought the aliens kidnapped humans and dissected them for science?”

Light started to light up the forest. Soon the sun would break the horizon.

“If I was one of my masters I would be infuriated,” The alien said plainly, “Either way that isn’t true for all aliens like my masters.”

“Why do you take the form of other things? What was your first transformation? Why were you a cat for so long?” Malike flooded the alien with the questions.

It took it a moment to comprehend what Malik had said, “I take form of other entities because it best I blend in with the crowd,” The alien then answered the second and the third question in one, “My first transformation WAS the cat. I decided to be the cat because they were highly worshiped back in the days of acient Egypt so no one would suspect me spying on them. I stayed that way because of the fact that many humans still worship cats.”

I laughed at the though of all those crazy cat ladies ‘worshipping’ cats.

“I decided to stop because my latest worshiper was too scared of losing me so he kept me trapped inside,”

And cat guys, I thought.

“When I absorb a new entity, I not only take their shape and form, but their memories, personality, and interests, although, I still have the knowledge of my mission…,” The alien looked into my eyes, “Which brings me to my final point….. I will absorb Jack. He will lose his sanity in the process.”

“You said he’d be okay!” Malik had gone from fear to suspicion to interest to confusion to anger and fear. But, to be honest, I had the same experience-losing my leg -losing my sa….. We’re not to that part yet.

“No,” The alien replied, “I said he would be fine.”

“But, first, I must heal his leg injury to stop suspicion,” The alien continued.

Suddenly six ‘pockets’ popped out of the chest of the alien. Green smoke came out of the pockets. It reached into the top left pocket and took out an ‘alienized’ syringe. The alien stuck it into my shaking leg. The blackness returned. It came out of my nub and connected to my severed leg. The were connected again.

The sun was low in the sky now. It was around. 6:30 am.

The alien finally took its hand off my mouth. But before I could say anything, it stuck its long fingers right into my heart. I could feel its fingers caress my heart. The blackness burst out; it destroyed my shirt. The blackness spread much faster. I assumed it went faster because it was injected right into the ‘heart’ of me. Hehe…. Nice pun right? I mean…. Back to the story.

Y’ know what? Nevermind. This is enough for now, pris…. Uh…. ‘Friend’.

  • Ellpa Elgae

    This was actually better than the first one. It could still use some work though.

    • Konner

      Thanks for tuning in again! I honestly think it builds up and has a long start but end good. I think of myself as a J. R. R. Tolken incarnate. Plus I like poetry so yeah! Again, thanks!

  • Fiver

    The story isn`t really unsettling or creepy in any way. The writing is ok. The plot is rather odd and the characters react in a very unrealistic fashion. The situation is addressed in such a relaxed fashion that if each section was just a bit longer the readers would lose interest. The start is difficult to bounce back from as it is abrupt and odd, but rather than addressing the peculiar and rather unfitting tone you continue the trend.
    The basic style of writing is unique, relying mostly upon dialogue. As strange as the character`s reactions are there is still potential hidden in the dialogue. I think with a bit more work you may be able to get an interesting, dialogue driven story.