I still remember this one… I was only 11 years old and I used to play with my step brother a lot, at the backyard. It was a rainy day, but we chose to play, we took our raincoats and run to the big tree near the big wooden fence. While we were getting inside, I noticed something; a guy with deep dark brown eyes were looking at us, but wooden fences were too long for a human to look over it.

Tomorrow we decided to stay at home, we were eating our dinner and after that we moved to the saloon. At saloon we could directly see the fences and the tree. And I saw that guy with deep dark brown eyes–again. And I decided to tell this to my mom, she called the police immediately but; cops said there wasn’t even a trace. I tried to explain the situation but they told me and my mom to see a doctor and get some sleep.

That night we all were in our rooms and were sleeping, but a noise made me wake up. It was 2:21AM. I checked my window and hall. And I went upstairs, hoping to not see that creepy guy again–it was like a hitting sound it was so loud. But I went back to sleep. After that creepy night, we found my step brother dismembered back of the tree. And there was an axe right to him.


This story is based on a traumatic experience of mine when I was a kid.