The Kidnappings – Episode 3

I walked into the park and sat down on a green bench next to the fountain. I couldn’t see any crowds here unlike Saturday. There was an old couple walking their dog, a woman texting on her phone and the creepy old groundskeeper that talked to me the other day was raking the pile of leaves with the blood under them. What was he doing? Instead of going up to him and asking, I ran over to the shed that he kept tools and stuff in. I tugged as hard as I could on the latch but it wasn’t opening. I started to get some strange looks from the people around me. I suddenly stopped because I finally remembered he wasn’t going to be distracted long. I walked around to the back of the shed to see if there was a way in, plus the man wouldn’t be able to see me. There was no backdoor or hole at the back. I sat down there on the cold cement and grabbed my notepad from my pocket. I started a suspicion list where I wrote down people who I think would be kidnappers. I first wrote down the groundskeeper. After a couple minutes of thinking I thought back to last night. I was such an idiot. I should’ve woke my parents up while I could. I thought back to the man saying that he wanted me unharmed. Who would have wanted me unharmed? I took a few glances around me to make sure nobody was watching me. I looked down and thought hard. It was then I saw something shiny next to the shed. It was a silver key with the numbers “476”. What could it be for and why was it behind here? I examined it carefully . There were some purple stains over it for some reason. I quickly shoved the key into my pocket along with my notepad. There were footsteps behind me in the distance. Standing at the pile of leaves were, Kate and the groundskeeper. They couldn’t see me. They were talking, it looked like they were making some sort of deal. The thought bounced in my head. “Is my best friend talking to the kidnapper. Is she on his side?” I wasn’t  thinking rationally. Kate would never do such a thing. Kate chucked her purple backpack on the ground and rummaged through it, looking for something. I was on my knees watching all of this from behind the corner of a shed. Kate finally found what she was looking for. She pulled out a stack of money and gave it to the groundskeeper. Was she paying him off for something? I came to my senses and grabbed my camera. I took a couple pictures of Kate handing over the money. Unfortunately I couldn’t hear what they were saying. Kate took her bag and walked away. We lived in a big city. She could have been going anywhere.

I had to choose. Follow the groundskeeper or follow Kate. I decided to follow Kate since she looked very shady and like she needed to be somewhere. I waited until she walked out the gate and wasn’t looking behind her. I quickly ran over there as quietly as I could. She was walking down the sidewalk. I followed closely behind her. She walked into the center of the city and to the left where a giant hotel is. It was called The Pearl. It was tall and posh looking. I waited outside so she couldn’t see me. Luckily I was able to hear her talking to a guy at the counter. “Can you please deliver this package to room four, seven, six?” Kate smiled at the guy. He took the box and nodded his head. The key I have is for that room. What is Kate up to? Kate walked out the back door and in the direction of her house. I took a deep breath and walked into the hotel and towards the stairs. “Excuse me, do you live here?” Asked the man. I turned around and mumbled “My uhh… uncle lives here, he gave me his key.”  I held it up. Without saying a word he nodded. I walked up the stairs in search for room 476. The soft rug beneath me and the cold fans made everything even more suspicious for me. I finally arrived at room 476. I turned the doorknob slowly it clicked open and what I saw before me was horrible.  There were a set of knives on a coffee table all laid out. One was which stained with blood. I walked in and closed the door quickly. Luckily it seemed that nobody was home. I grabbed my camera and snapped a few shots. I peered around the living room. Everything else was normal except for a white bed sheet that spread over a chair covered in blood. My mouth was wide open. I looked like I had seen a ghost. It looked like the one that I saw the two men outside of my house drag a body in with. I proceeded into the kitchen. Nothing was out of the ordinary. I took a look through the drawers and fridge. They were empty. The window was boarded up. I strolled into the bedroom. Blood was everywhere. There were knives and other weapons spread out on the floor. There was a woman with only her underwear, her hands tied to the side of the bed. It looked as if she was tortured here with weapons. There were cuts all over her wrists and stomach. There was tape over her mouth. She still looked alive. I had to force myself not to scream. Who did this?! Am I any closer to finding the kidnapper?


Authors Notes:

Hello everybody! I’m glad lots of people enjoy this series. Please leave your theorys about what Kate was doing, who owns the hotel room, or who the kidnapper is! Thanks for the support.

~ LuciousFangs


  • Netor Ananab

    Perhaps Kate was trying to get her killed? Like bounty hunted?

  • Empresses Esen

    I like this story line it’s very interesting with a nice word set.

  • Simon

    Oh hey, another part where nothing of interest happens and our boring protagonist goes around doing stuff. Except this one ends right as a semblance of something interesting is about to happen.

    • Empresses Esen

      If you don’t like it then stop reading the stories written by this piticular author. Its not that hard.

      • Simon

        If you don’t like it, then stop reading the comments by me in piticular. That’s even easier.

        • Ellpa Elgae

          *Particular. Sorry.

  • SkullNboNes

    I think literally everyone in that town is sketchy, except the main character of course.

  • Ellpa Elgae

    “There was an old couple walking their dog, a woman texting on her phone and the creepy old groundskeeper that talked to me the other day was raking the pile of leaves with the blood under them. What was he doing? Instead of going up to him and asking, I ran over to the shed that he kept tools and stuff in.” In my book, that’s a little overly-suspicious. Seriously, maybe he’s just making the park prettier?

  • Asuka “Saoirse” Callaghan

    Who lives in a hotel room? Not stats, but actually LIVES there? I’m still bothered by that bit…