My Ghost Heart – Part:2 – Hide

After I got a glass of milk I felt my soul start to drag and my heart get extremely heavy. If I could turn back time I’d break that stupid game and save my best friend. I really wished I was the one stuck in that game and not Dan. I got back to my bedroom and looked at the screen to see Dan standing there looking at me with tears running down his face.

“Why us?” the screen typed then Dan turned around. I told him “I don’t know but we can’t give up” then Dan nodded and was ready to go. I walked us through the towns and beat the gyms quickly then something strange started happening when we reached Lavender Town. I walked him through and knew by the sight this wasn’t going to be easy. Dan talked to a little girl and she asked if he believed in ghosts then said there was a hand on his shoulder but he wasn’t scared.

I asked Dan if he got used to the ghost since the last time they chased him, the screen typed “…Those kind of ghost weren’t the ones I saw… Those ghosts are Pokemon they wouldn’t hurt me”. I felt fear in my spine as I realized exactly what that meant. “So you mean the ghosts in the game weren’t the ones chasing you?” I asked shaking. The screen typed “No… The kind of ghosts that chased me were very real and stalked right behind me the whole time”.

I asked what he was talking about and the screen typed “I thought you knew… They stood behind me the whole time”. We agreed to just keep going and if they were going to attack him they would have already done it… Wouldn’t they? I saw the screen glitch and heard Dan scream from my game boy in a terrifying yell. I saw the town had no people in it and ghosts started chasing Dan with my screen flashing in and out.

I ran Dan to a tower and ran up the stairs until we reached the top were a gym was located. The screen typed “Cough… Cough” and a pile of blood appeared in front of Dan. I asked him why there was blood and the screen typed “…I’ve been feeling sick ever since I got in this game and felt worse along the way”. I realized why I had to beat this game is three days with Dan, the game would kill him if I didn’t beat it.

We beat the gym leader and ran out of the town avoiding ghosts along the way. After Lavender Town things went smoothly and we reached the final four. Dan walked up to the door and he fell on the floor with the screen typing “…Snap!”. Dan yelled and said his leg was broken and at this very point… He snapped.

The screen filled with words and Dan crying creating a pool of tears on the floor. “Why me! Why do we deserve this! I’m going to die! I can’t make it! I want to go home!” the screen typed fast. I pleaded with Dan begging him to stay calm and we were almost done with the game. Dan turned around with tears still running from his face with a long paused till the screen typed “…Just turn the screen off and let me die in here …I give up”.

I told Dan I would never do that and if he pushed a little farther we could make it. Dan crawled into the first room with a blood trail following him, “Let’s just finish this so I can go home and if I don’t get out …Tell my mom I’m sorry for my messy room” the screen typed. I cried and smiled saying “Don’t worry buddy you won’t die …Not today”.  When Dan brought out his first Pokemon the ball barely went two feet from his feet, I cried because I saw how weak he was and realized how much he’s been through.

Dan fought bravely against the final four but every room he advanced to the blood trail behind him would get thicker. Dan fought to get to the last room but as soon as he got in the room he fainted from the loss of blood. Dan appeared back at the first door of the final four. I cried and felt my soul rip into two as I knew he’d have to go through all that pain again.

“Dan you are going to hurt very badly when you reach that door, your leg will snap and you will lose lots of blood and break down” I said crying. “I can do it… just when my leg snaps rush me through all of these guys and we should be out” the screen typed. I shook as I ran him through all the rooms again, all that pain again, all that suffering again. We beat the last leader and I saved very quickly and asked Dan if we was okay.

“I’m okay.. but you have to hide me the ghosts are coming for me” the screen typed. I crawled him behind a rock and waited until I finally saw what these ghosts look like and understood why he was scared. The ghosts had blood running from their mouths eating every Pokemon they could find, there was hundreds of them. A grey box appeared typing “You’ve made it through the game but for your friend to leave you both will have to give up a body part to me”.

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