Nobody Cares

The house was cold. I was alone… And hungry. I couldn’t work the air conditioning, don’t blame me, I was only seven. I couldn’t reach the tall shelfs, if I tried, I’d fall and hit the cold, hard, floor. The blankets were my only comfort. Nothing more, nothing less. We had many blankets. So many that if you stacked them on top each other it will reach the window. The windows are tall, but the blinds only reach so far. If you looked at the bottom you can see the outside world, the one I’ve barley seen any of. Back to being home alone. Its been 2 hours. They only said they would be gone for 1. Did they lie? No. They never lie. And that was that. I sat and waited. Before I knew it, the second hour rolled around. I was tired and starved. I couldn’t cook, for crying out loud I was only seven. The stove scared me, it was like it had a superpower, and that was to control flames. Everytime I saw it, I would look away hoping that the harmful flames wouldn’t reach me. If you couldnt tell, I hate fire, anything to do with it sickens me. The third hour rolled around and I was done. I couldn’t stand not eating anymore. I grabbed a broom from the dark bathroom, and headed into the kitchen. I didn’t know where they kept the food, but I had to find it. After 10 minutes of looking around I find a door, take note that at this time I was 3’2, I was very small for my age so I got teased fairly often by the objects taller than me. But today, the handel to this door was perfect, not to tall and not to short. I grabbed that handel and pulled the door wide open. Inside there was shelfs, stacked higher than I could of ever imagined. Food. I saw so much of it. Joy struck me instantly, I lifted the broom I had found in the bathroom, and hit many items off. The first item I hit off was dark and small, almost looked like a egg. I used my tiny fingers and ripped the object open and there behold was a green, and creamy substance. I mushed it around and licked my fingers clean. It tasted like nothing, very bland I thought to myself. The next item was a box with a happy man that looked like a leprechaun to me. It had many different colors on the front, and numbers and letters, as in s-u-g-a-r 33g. I was confused by it, but opened the box anyways. Inside was a bag that had been opened. I reached in and pulled out a few cheerios, mixed in with the pile was marshmallows, I jumped for joy and ate the handful. After that I was tired and full. I headed upstairs, once I made it to my clean bedroom I saw that there was a note on my bed. It said on the front, “don’t open.” My curiosity got the best of me. I ripped the envlope open and inside was a tiny piece of folded paper. I unfolded it and read, “Hello Liam, I am here to greet you with this card that specifically, said do not read, but I know you and you’d open it no matter what. Before we can meet, I’ll need you to head outside, spin around, and count to 60 in your head. Once you’ve done that, go back inside, and lay on your bed. After that wait 10 seconds and head into the kitchen and I’ll be there to greet you. Signed, Nobody.” I needed confort, and this “Nobody” seemed like the person who would do just that. I did exactly what they said, after spinning around and heading back inside I lay in my bed. Counting my thoughts one, by one. Once I reached 10, I tentatively descended the steps into the unknown. I didn’t think about who, or what I was going to see but when I reached the kitchen I froze. In front of me was a tall disfigured creature, it had a white mask with a black body. It’s neck was taller than anything I’ve seen, even the shelves. Its body almost made the kitchen floor disappear. I started crying out of fear, the creature reacted and came closer. I was shaking, my breath seemed to of gone. I couldn’t do anything. Me and the creature came face to face it grew hands and wiped my tears away, its smiling mask looked at me like it cared. I was calming my breath, but still in shock, then… It spoke, “hello, Liam, please dont be afraid, your parents are dead, please stop crying, I’ll be with you forever.” At that point I fell, my legs gave up, before I hit the hard floor the creature caught me and held me. “Don’t be frightend.” The mask staring deep into my eyes made me even more scared. My body gave up and the world started fading, the last thing I saw was that smiling mask. The one named Nobody, cared.

  • Parkar99

    Good story!! I loved the end. Keep it up 😉

  • Warped2Level8

    Very nice my friend!

  • Sierra Grimes

    OHH! Creepy dude