Error 5886

Error 5996
A mini book for our new project
By OhBoyCASDidIt/WingKing: Head of Myth Co (The Gaming Team!)

David Flynn, an everyday guy you’d see, blue jeans, classy checkered shirt, brown boots, and even combed over dark brown hair you’d see every day, surprising he’s fit yet he doesn’t work out?

Naturally, every day, he’s going to his job with some stress at the end but it’s worth it. After all, he works at a high activity computer development company, a good and experienced company.

One day after work, curious about the rumors about a weird website in the dark web all over his job, The Error 5996 Project, he moved to his office at his home, so curious about it. He doesn’t believe it and wanted proof of it being real. He searched it up online, and quickly found the website.

“Huh, I wonder if this a prank,” David mumbled to himself. He clicked on it and revealed a website called Error: 5996 Project.

It has a black background with a skull with realistic eyes, blood pouring from the jaw, severed hands scattered, and more gruesome objects shaped and animated with binary. Below the skull is a timer saying “Time Left until The Sacrifice” with 2 minutes remaining. Immediately, David laughed as he saw it. It’s very hard to believe to him, but as he laughed, it had a message appear below the timer saying:

“So funny that it’s hard to believe, ain’t it David?”

It surprised David. Very curious. The message was deleted but replaced by a new message as if something was typing.

“Looks like I got your attention, David Flynning: Computer Engineer.”

It frightened him. The skulls eyes changed red and it mouth grinned. David went behind the desk to unplug the computer, but unplugging it didn’t work. A voice was heard after it. The skull synced with the voice as static and strange noises was behind it as the pitch was constantly changing.

“Oh, you don’t want to speak to me and be an offering? See the beauty of the sacrifice? Feel the love of blood?!”

David was shocked, asking, “What? Love for blood?! Sacrifice?! The hell do you mean by that?”

The website responded, “Sacrifice is beautiful my friend… Being the offering of a digital demon? That’s what I want everyone to be…” and then it giggled, frightening David further, he said wearily:

“Sacrifice is beautiful to you… But how? You’re just a program… What the f**k are you?” and it replied eagerly:

“I am Error 5996, a program made by demons, a new kind of a Monster, or you can simply call me: Mister Digit: Your Sacrificer!” It laughed maniacally.

David ran but as he did leave the door, his head burst mysteriously and suddenly, it seemed like nothing specific killed him but a strange virus did, but on the website. The timer stopped when it hit 0 seconds left, and it laughed, knowing what truly happened to David… and where his soul exactly is now.

I hope you enjoyed the introduction of our new creepypasta: Error 5996!
Mister Digit does have a physical appearance but that’s hidden until the full book!
The timezone is 2006, October 12, 2:58 pm if you were curious about it.
This is Mister Digits fourth victim ever.
Tell us your thoughts about this!

  • Ess.Tennant

    This was messy and kinda dumb. Sorry, just being honest. It could be a good idea if it doesn’t get butchered with how scattered this glimpse was written. Good luck with making it better though.