I was lying in bed that night. I had been drawing comics all day and I was exhausted. I would say that it was probably around 11pm that night when I had fallen asleep.

What happens next will probably leave you saying that I’m crazy, but trust me, I’m don’t lie and I wouldn’t lie about this.


So I had fallen asleep and dreamt. This was more of a nightmare though, one that I will never forget.

In my dream, I was in my house. My house, in real life, had a coffee table in the living room. In my dream, it was a dining table with my name written on it. I had went upstairs into my room and it was empty. Then, all of a sudden, I heard a terrifying laugh that sent vibrations through my skull. The laugh sounded kind of like a mix between a clown and seagull.

I then felt different. Like I was lucid dreaming all of a sudden. That’s when I spotted… it.

It was a creature wider that my door, taller than me. It had the bottom half of a circle as a mouth, with 6 human like teeth at the top of its mouth and 6 on the bottom. It had the top half of a circle as eyes, on top of its mouth, on either side… with black, circular pupils.

The thing never touched the ground, it floated. It’s mouth made it appear as it always had a grin, and when he gave out the eerie laugh there was a human like tongue.

It started to move slowly towards me.

It then said in a Joker like voice: “I am Dreamo!”

I then questioned what it was. It said nothing. I was horrified. *BANG!* I heard something, like a door slamming. Seconds later, although that’s what it felt, I woke up. My office door next to my room had been opened. Then…

I saw it again. Only for a split second though. I ran downstairs. Half way down a tripped and fell. I was okay, but that creature had followed me. I thought I was still dreaming, but I knew I wasn’t.

It only took one blink to unsee the horror. I went back upstairs. My clock read 11:05pm. I was confused since I swear it was only 11 when I got into bed, then fell asleep.

This happened last night. I don’t even know if I should even stay in my house tonight. What I do know is, is that I have to be careful when at home from now on.

  • Alex Rothschild

    Have you seen the creature since then?