He’s Always Watching

Don’t think I can’t see what you’re doing, users of Creepypasta XYZ. You aren’t safe from the Keychain. Don’t bother calling the police. It isn’t me, Fura Faolox, that is coming for you. It is him. It is what could have been seen in Bird Box. No. No, it couldn’t. Not even close. Anyone and everyone can see him. I’ve seen the reactions.

At this moment, he is watching you. He is watching me. He is watching your neighbour. He is everywhere.

Am I scaring you? No? That’s because you don’t believe in creepypastas. You do remember Slenderman? Who doesn’t. There have been people claiming to have seen him, though it is unlikely and not possible.

You do remember Jeff? He is most likely the real thing. A teenager who kills in cold blood. No, not cold blood. He kills in the most frozen of blood. Freezing blood. Antarctic blood. It wouldn’t be surprising to see a hooded boy with a pale face and a knife.

What about the Rake? You know what that is? I can’t say much. Don’t want to upset it.

Keychain is quite like all of these. He has the body shape of each and every one of them.

He’s a living wendigo.

Users of Creepypasta XYZ, mark my words. The darkness may come, and the key may be within you.


That is all I have for this sermon. I shall preach no more for today.