Don’t Talk to Strangers

It was a Sunday night normal for others but not for Kaliya. Since it was the winter and they were on winter break she decided to stay up a couple more hours past her bed time. She picked up her phone and unlocked it not noticing she had gotten a message.

A couple minutes later she got another one it read, “Hello there my name is Ava I am a stranger who has been assigned to you.” 

Kaliya responded with, “Oh I don’t play pranks sorry.” 

Kaliya quickly blocked the number and rested her eyes. A beep came from her phone.

“Another Message?” Kaliya said.

It read, “You cannot ignore me silly human I am not like others I am in your house hopefully you do not find me. I will leave if you continue to talk to me but if not I will do something a little let’s say harsh.”

Kaliya responded and it read, “Leave me alone physcopath! I have nothing to do with you!” She grabbed a pencil from her pencil pouch and stabbed the phone with it repeatedly until it no longer turned on. She grabbed her flashlight from her camping trip bag and hid under her bed. She heard footsteps but there was no one there. A black figure appeared from in front of her door and slowly the figure came closer to the bed and then walked away. When Kaliya thought it was gone she said from under the bed but it turns out it was right behind her standing in a dark corner. It grabbed her by the neck and talked to it in a loud scratchy voice.

“I have always been alone but you make me feel worse than ever I try to get to know you and you ignore me? I warned you but you didn’t listen I guess I need a little revenge. This will only hurt for a second,” Its eyes went black as she pushed Kaliya on the ground her mouth opened wide revealing blood soaked teeth Kaliya tried to get up and run but she seemed frozen to scared to move it slowly tortured and then ate Kaliya as Kaliya took her last breath she said,

“Never talk to strangers.”

  • Bugaboo

    way too short of a story. it has a lot of run on sentences

  • Lucas Myers

    Written by a child