Don’t Spin a Fidget Spinner at 3 A.M.

My mom had recently bought me a golden fidget spinner off of eBay for a good price, since I was begging for weeks about it. I couldn’t wait to open this puppy and give it a good old fidget. Tearing it from its poor quality packaging, I grasped the golden cap and gave it a powerful flick. Little did I know I had awoken an ancient curse.

Later on that evening I went to a hockey match with my mate, Steve. On the way to the club I whipped out my spinner, Steve was jealous as he could not afford a spinner.

I was delighted after the match as I had scored 2 goals, winning our team the game. I ate my dinner and then went to my room and watched some videos from my favorite YouTuber, stolen memes for stolen kids, while spinning to my heart’s content. A few hours later my mom came in the room and started shouting at me to go to bed, it was 12:30 and I had school in the morning. I reluctantly turned off my lights and got into bed. I shut my eyes trying to sleep but I still excited about winning the match.

After some time I woke from a short dose, I was very tired but I had a strong urge to fidget my spinner. I look at my clock, 2:59 am.

I recently saw on a s**t post that you should never spin a fidget spinner at 3 AM, but because I’m a bad boy and I was already awake thought to myself I might as well try it out.

I gave it a swift swipe just as the clock struck 3.

Suddenly I heard a THUD from ceiling. I thought it was just my mom but then it happened again, more aggressively THUD! THUD! THUD!

I hid under my cover for a brief moment. My heart was racing and I was sweating, I didn’t know what just happened but it was scary.

I heard another noise, this time an eerie scraping that sounded like it was coming from my bed post. Now panicking I began to whimper.

A gravely whisper saying, “Don’t cry, it’s the witching hour.”

I come out from under the cover, and I see a large shadow fly across the room. I only got a flash of the creature, he was wearing ragged clothes, his flesh was peeling from his face and the darkest of black filled hims eyes.

The creature started to attack me with his long, sharp claws. I was screaming so loud that my mom came in the room, she barged through the door but unfortunately died of a heart attack as soon as she saw my injured body and a demon who did that.