Don’t Beg

It’s normal to be scared. But is it normal to not be scared? I didn’t know, so I wasn’t scared. I wasn’t scared when I killed the people I did, I wasn’t scared when I started dating James, I wasn’t scared when I was caught. I just wasn’t scared. As a kid, I was scared of so many things. The dark, blood, almost anything that I thought was bad. But now I’m not scared of much. Only what I can do. So, what did I do? I kill. So I can be scared.

“Please! Just don’t hurt me! I’m begging you! Take what you want, take everything you need! Just don’t hurt me!”I listened as the woman begged for her life. I always loved when people would beg. No one got what they wanted, but they do it to think that they might get what they want. They never do.

“You know, I think you’re weak. Begging for your life, begging for me not to hurt you. What is so special about you, what makes you so different from the rest of them? You can see them, and their all dead. But you? What makes you think that I’ll let you live?”I stooped down in front of her, watching her eyes fill with tears. A plus, making people cry.

“Please, just don’t hurt me?”I laughed and looked at the knife in my blood covered hand.

“Last time I did this, I killed the parents first. I made sure the kids had to watch their parents die, almost like I had to watch mine die. But what’s great about my killing is that I have feelings. I saw how pathetic your children were and killed them and your husband first. But you? No. You act like you have never saw blood. Weak.

She whimpered as I stood up straight. Without warning, I dropped the knife, and it landed right in her temple. The noise she made was sad, and almost sickening. Like a puppy throwing up. Cute, until you hear the noise and see what’s going on inside of them.

“See you on the other side. Sweet dreams.” I walked out, loving that I had done it. I had made the world suffer a little more, just like the world had made me suffer.

  • Tate’yana Knight

    You should give back story on the killer, like why the world made her suffer, or what happened to her parents. You just leave the reader wondering, other than that great story.