Do Yourself a Favor

Author’s Note: Hello, fellow creepy pasta readers. This is my first story.

“Megan got drunk last night and asked me out, I was like go and buy yourself a mirror,” I texted my boyfriend Brad. I regret everything I have said in that message, and wish I had never met Megan.

Anyways here I am, hiding under my bed, scared as heck. I need you to know what’s happening, or anyone reading. Enough time wasted, I don’t have much of it. Back to the story.

“Susan, just be a bit lighter on her,” Brad texted back.

“Yeah yeah, I know,” I texted back.

“Well, better go to bed. College needs me and I need it,” I thought.

I’m in my dorm now, good news I got 3 of Megan’s friends to turn on her, and spread a rumour about her liking the weirdest guy in class. I’d say it was a good day.

Believe me, I bullied that girl non stop, and I regret all of it.

Like I said I don’t have much time. Skipping a year or two, I now am a dentist, broke up with Brad and live alone, this is where it gets interesting…

Just finished watching Netflix, it’s 11:00 and I’m going to bed, good night.

It’s 12:09 and I just woke up. I heard some water dripping, I guess I should mention I’m a very sensitive sleeper.

I first went to my bathroom sink, no dripping. Then to the second story sink, there was dripping. I turned the sink off and went back to bed.

I woke up again, this time my dog Snickers licked my hand. “What is it Snickers?” I said out loud. Then the dripping started again, I checked the previously dripping sink, no dripping. Finally I checked the basement. Ah, it was the shower. I turn it off, but my dog’s head comes out through the shower, and as you can imagine a lot of blood.

I almost had a heart attack, then I looked behind me, there was Megan with a knife.

Please, do yourself a favour and don’t bully. Hopefully the police will dndjfjckwsifnr

  • Ayla Aubrey

    Great pasta

  • Creepypasta girl

    Great pasta

  • LemonOnPills

    I had to reread a few parts to understand them. Id work on your grammer and dont be afraid to use a little bit of colorful language and you should be set 🙂

  • Tristian Hebert

    It wasnt the best but it was still pretty good

  • JCSnap

    Not really good, a cliché idea and weak plot

  • TheOneWhoRates

    I think I have a serious disease that I got from this story. Cringe.

  • MrGoodguy1340

    Nice adaptation of “people can lick too” i like the bully revenge part. I do miss some of the thought process details about the decision to go to the basement but this is still prtty good.