Deep Scars

When I was about six my Mom was on her way to pick me up from her Friends house. Her oldest daughter had to baby sit me. She was watching The news I can’t remember what channel,but I remember clips of people crying. It was a family A mother and a father and what looked like an eight year old. The family looked very devastated. Before the news lady could say the names of the family my came rushing in the almost took down the door.

All I can remember after that was sitting in a chair in a kitchen. She was crying, idk why all she ever told me was he is gone. About a week later, my grandfather was murdered. The killer was never caught, mom was staring at her ceiling in her room. Her room was dark but there was enough light to see a weird symbol I don’t know what it meant even today. It was red like a red rose there was no paint nearby so I had no clue how she did it. She looked fine no cuts so I didn’t think much of it. I was frighten which is natural I was only six for god’s sake. I heard a weak mumble it was coming from The direction were my mom was. “Kill Kill Kill Kill” I soon blacked out I woke up in my bed I asked myself was it a dream? I walked out to the living room my mom was sitting on her brown poofy couch.

I wiped the tears streaming down my face. My mom asked me “What’s the matter” I didn’t answer I just gave her a hug. She made me pancakes and eggs then she turned on the news. There had been three more killing one was an old man maybe in his 50s The second victim was A Police officer He looked to be in his 30s. My mom cried out “No” She then started to cry I then asked her why she was crying. She just said “He’s Dead” I asked her who but before she could respond there was a knock at the front door. My mom opened it, it was a police officer. He had A bushy beard which had some patches of grey hair. He asked to come in my mom hesitated and let him in. He asked if he can talk to me alone. My mom then demanded To know what was going on.

The officer than took my mom in the other room. I could hear them talking about my uncle’s death. And how he was murdered. By the same killer that has killed the other two people. A few minutes later they came out “So… you’re gonna go with this police officer and answer a few questions can you do that?” asked mom. I nodded We then begin To walk out to the cruiser. It felt like hours went by we drove down to this hill when we stopped. My mom asked “Why did we stop” the police officer then told us to wait in the car.

I could see a trail of blood the police officer then begin to follow it. I lost the view of him and not a moment later I heard A scream. And then gunshots. I don’t know why I ran out of the cruiser. I… then got closer to the ally and heard A sinister laugh. I then heard the sound of flesh tearing up. I screamed then I saw him he looked like he was sixteen one of his eye was hazel blue and the other I couldn’t see his cole black hair covered it. I was paralyzed with fear. I was to focused on the killer to noticed the police officer who had a cut throat. There was a pool of blood around the body. I heard my mom scream she quickly grabbed the gun from the handgun from  the officers corps and shot at the killer. She shot and missed she shot again and missed. The killer took advantage and charged at my mom and in a quick flash I heard a gunshot then a woman scream. The killer was on the ground choking on his own blood. My mom laying on her side. I could make out her finale Words “I Love you” She then took her last breath I begin to cry. I screamed out Help. I played there crying. Then I heard sirens. Police sirens to be exact. For a while I was staying with my aunt. A year later I moved in with my dad. And now im in highschool.

I received A letter it read: Dear David it’s been ten years since your mother’s death and we would like you to join us in our investigation in Oregon to solve a case that may be linked to your mother’s killer. -Police department from Oregon

After I received The letter I sent my alarm clock to six o clock a.m And went to school I had to present an essay about the worst time of my life and I think I’ll call it DEEP SCARS.

  • teresa robinson

    Im sorry but this was just awful. Very difficult to read, terrible grammar, whole story seemed rushed, and it was very confusing. Who was “he” that the mother kept referring to? Why were they taking a child in for questioning about murder? Next time think your story through and read it aloud before you post

  • IronMosquito

    What the hell is hazel blue? Don’t put idk in a story. There are so mant other things to be corrected. Terrible.