Dead Tales: The Unforgettable Diary

Author’s Note: The following stories in 123KidZ Short Stories Volume 1 contains frightening/intense scenes, paranormal activity, and some moments that may not be appropriate for children under the age of 12.

In this volume we introduce 5 short stories all about creepiness. This is the 3rd story. May the viewers discretion be advised.

This is the mysterious diary that was mailed to a house where a detective lived. Every night a new diary log would show up within a blink of the eye, the diary is still being investigated.

“It could’ve been earlier but why now? A series of photos I ordered with pictures of me and my husband just came in the mail today, the thing is it’s 4 months late. I have a new husband and the other died in an unmistakable heart attack in front of my eyes, the guilt that’s seeped into my mind forced me to run away from home. From Hawaii to Nevada, then Oregon. My family tries to contact me but I block them, especially my husband’s twin brother. But why now?

The pictures are starting to appear more progressively now. It’s been a week and the photos are terrifying me, my husband doesn’t know crap about my family and that’s how I want it to stay.

The images are getting more distorted, I know someone is stalking me now, I hear knocks throughout the night.

It’s happening, figures align the streets watching me through the window. Scribbled threat notes and questions appear right out my door, photos of me and my husband in each of them. It’s been a few weeks.

My husband is gone and a mysterious presence fills the rooms. I called the police but the line was dead. I can’t leave my house or they’ll find me.

A Week Later… (Not Readable Writing, You can make out a s-a_____r-s-e____

A Month Later…(A black drawing of a strange neurotic figure, the pages are torn and moldy yellow)

A Year Later…

Hello, this is Samara Smith of Winterford, found this diary in  the woods and yet is to come.

Strange Pictures of me before I left is appearing now. Who is doing this?

The book ‘self-combusted’ on the 11th entry according to the detective. He was pronounced dead hours later.

A Heroes With Hood’s Story:

Dead Tales