Dark Side

Things are not always as they look like. Objects. But also People. This is a story about that stuff.

When I was a kid I was obsesses with creepypastas. I read them, loved them, but I also believed them. I grew up and still thought they were real. But my friend told me they were fake.

Everything went black until I finally could see again. My friend David. Oh poor David. In my blackout I had punched him hard directly in the face. Broke his nose causing his bone to stab his brain. Leaving him dead in the hallway in the middle of 100 students watching what just happened. I ran. I ran so long time didn’t have control over me anymore. When I finally stopped, I saw that I had run to London. 20 miles away from where I started. It felt like I just had been running for a couple minutes.

I had stopped near a forest.

What I saw made me scream in horror. David’s corpse hang from a rope on a tree. The weird thing was… I was satisfied seeing it. It was like my life wanted it to happen. I was chosen for this destiny. I draw a knife from my pocket, began slicing up Davids body. The blood poured out of the wound and on my hands. His flesh in my grasp. I couldn’t do anything but smell it. It smelled delicious. I took a bite. Mmmm. A couple went by where I sat, didn’t see me. That was their biggest mistake of their lives. I quickly grabbed my knife ran behind them and stabbed the women. She is dead now. I told the man. He yell at me. Hit me in my face. I could feel my blood on my face. Warm and comfy. I laughed rising from the ground. Walking slowly towards him. He backed away, and ran. I caught up to him pushes to the ground. Sliced my knife slowly over his face leaving a stripe of blood. I whispered, welcome to the dark side. Before stabbing his neck. Everything went dark.

  • Ess.Tennant

    God I hope this is a joke

  • Babydollsub

    They really need to stop children from writing on creepy pasta ever once in awhile we get these stories that make no sense at all .

  • Tristan Seaburg-Sweat

    Please proof read before you submit a story..

  • KillerF999

    This story makes absolutely no sense at all. The grammar is poor, mistakes everywhere.Now, there are some inconsistencies I want to address:
    1) You said you were obsessed with creepypastas, but that has absolutely no connection to the storym
    2) You ran 20 miles!?
    3) You punched Robert for what? There is no explanation.
    There are many more mistakes which would take way long to address. Disqus ain’t a fan of long messages.