Endless Cycle


I feel it every night.

Down the hallway full of claw marks, symbols of my decaying world. Forms of light everywhere, because I know that as soon as the lights go out, he’ll begin the attack. Once inside the dark, he gets closer.
The lights.
The lights keep him at bay.
There’s no permanent solution. Because even in light, he’s in the corner. Watching. He can’t attack, but the eyes burn the skin. The growls and whispers shake the mind.
Every night.
The lights keep me awake. The burning brightness makes my head throb. The constant glowing makes me want to vomit. It makes me question if I should end it. If he doesn’t kill me, the lights will.


I hate him.

I hate the blinding lights and the nerve-racking darkness. I hate it all. In the hallway, the torture lasts forever. Just my luck, though, I always find myself walking down the long corridor of hell. It appears to never end.
No escape.
Either way, I’ll die.
Slowly, but surely. No sleep, no common sense, my sanity slowly slipping away. However, if the lights go out, his claws will rip into my flesh, claiming my life. Death by light or death by dark?
Sick of it.
I’m sick of the constant paranoia. Every moment, checking the corners for a sign that he’s finally gave up, but he’s always there. The shadow mocks me, tempting my sanity to finally shatter. Should I end it?
Almost there.
The burning lights, the creature who mocks my thoughts, constantly tearing at my mind. Always listening, always watching, and as my sanity rots, the whispers become screams.
Now the voice is ripping apart my skull, the roar shaking my train of thought. The voice comes from inside, and no matter what I do, I can’t get it out. I feel him behind me, watching with satisfaction as my brain melts. I can’t take it much longer! Should I end it?
End it all.
I can’t stand another second! The dark will tear me apart, the light will slowly kill me, I will let it end, tonight! The light switch is right there, within my reach. As soon as it is flicked, the creature will come. Do I dare do it? Will I end it? Shall I give my life to keep what’s left of my sanity?
The lights are gone.
The silence is surrounding.
The darkness is choking.
The creature has claimed.
I’m still trapped.
The screams still rattling my skull.
The burning lights still blinding my vision.
The stare is still burning my skin.
The claws are ripping my flesh.
In death, I am stuck in the hallway, or the hell I’ve always feared. The lights are blinding me and burning my brain, and this time the creature is stronger. Once I reach the end, I return to the start, doomed to repeat those short moments that are equal to a lifetime of suffering. Yes, the cycle is endless, the misery never ending.
Now I’m trapped wandering in my own personal hell, never to escape the endless cycle.

  • Levi Ackermin

    Intriguing. What made u right this exactly? I’m curious as to what drives us to this as well.

    • Grell Motionless

      Well, I’ve was inspired to write this after reading a lot of poetry and short stories by Edgar Allen Poe. I took personal experience and used a bit of Poe’s writing style and eventually thought of this.