Based on a True Story – Part 2

After our encounter with Cody I decided to do a little digging. I slowly but surely put the pieces together. When I was 9 years of age things like this were still very unsettling. For some reason I was drawn to this little boy named Cody.

My mom recalls me talking to what she thought was an “imaginary figure”. She convinced me that I had just made all of it up in my head. I needed reassurance that my mind didn’t trick my hands into moving that planchette. I needed to know that my a*****e, older friends didn’t move it to scare the youngest person in their “friend group”.

So as I stated in the beginning, I dug and did some research on this alleged “Cody”.

And what I found still sends shivers down my spine.

I looked up train collisions in the 1980’s, that fell into water. There were a few documented cases, but one caught my eye. It was 1984 if I recall correctly, there was a crash that fell in the water in India. A bunch of tourist had died and 300 of the bodies were not recovered.

That explained why this spirit named Cody had an American name, and how his quote on quote “soul” has not been at ease.

But I have evidence as to why I think he is here for a different reason.

The next encounter I’m going to describe to the best of my ability, is all based on true events.

Earlier that Day

Lizzie and I were discussing the many encounters I have had in the past with spirits, and sadly, demons. I brought up Cody, and a wave of innocence hit both of us at once. It hit so hard that it made the both of us cry. This is what made me want to do what I do now.

This was my second out of many times with playing an Ouija Board.

My brother Zach, and my friend/roommate Lizzie decided to make a home-made Ouija Board. I wasn’t objecting to this, I wanted to figure out what else there was.

We got an old piece of cardboard from one of Lizzie’s moving boxes. We listed every letter A-Z. We also had the numbers listed as well as YES and NO.

(Side note)

My brother and I were gifted with the ability to feel each other’s energy. Whether it’s bad, good, scared, etc. We knew when the other was feeling “off” so to say. So you can guess how close we are and how connected we must be.

Things with a spiritual matter, I go to him. And I know this sounds far-fetched, but I have been practicing Reiki, a Chinese energy, healing method. Once a person has accomplished how to control the energy, or send energy waves to others, it is a very dangerous game you are playing.

Most people who do this, can use it to their advantage to summon something they don’t know how to handle. Sadly, I am one of those people.

After the board was done with preparation, we used a shot glass that was light enough to slide a crossed the cardboard with no troubles.

I remember the top being perfectly circular, but large enough for us to place two fingers each on it. We were just testing the waters, we knew the drill by now; we needed candles.

We also made sure the room was slightly dark. Considering it was about 2 p.m. And whatever we may summon won’t be able to have tons of energy to manifest when casted back to wherever it came from.

Most people think playing at night is better. It’s more of a scary movie appeal. Spirits need energy in order to actually communicate, so if you think about it, the sun is the largest energy provider we have.

“Let’s get this over with,” my brother casually said tossing our makeshift planchette around.

  • vanessa

    I love the story. Please keep them coming. You are doing an excellent job.