Cracky Casy and Ticci Toby Pt.3

Whether or not Hoodie was a bit of a jerk, he was cool. He had some sort of thing to him that just made me feel the depth of his eyes, even if they were covered. Toby and I began to come closer, not as a couple but as friends. It was crazy, to be honest. Our first time killing together was killing my parents. Do I care? no. They were utter jerks to me and I’ll never forgive them for it. Maybe I was overreacting. I don’t think I was. Toby was there for me.

“Hey, uh were up!” Toby approached me cautiously. He must have noticed my hand clenching my hatchet, harder than usual. I was too deep in my wonders of how did I actually end up here, and what have I done. I didn’t respond at all.

“Hey, are you okay?” He said again.

“What? oh yeah! L-lets go!” I said, catching my shudder.

“Alright, whats up?” he said, giving me that head-tilted-stern look.

“Uh, nothing just thinking. I-I almost miss my parents,” I said, looking down. I fell into Toby’s arms. He took me in and laid a gentle kiss on my forehead.

“Let’s not worry about that. Come, We have to be in the city by midnight,” he said cheerfully. I smiled and nodded, loosening my grip on my handle.

After reaching the city, we pulled our hoods up. We couldn’t be seen by anyone. It was near midnight, and we had to meet our victim. I understood how this all worked now, h*********l and frame others. Toby and I worked together now. We knew each others week and strong points. We helped each other, and that’s what mattered to me. After killing of course. We stepped into a large house, opened at the back, and pressed our ears to a door. People were home and we knew it. We could hear the sounds of a TV muffled by the door and some crunching also muffled by the door. There were two or more people in there. After having been listening for a few minutes, we noticed the TV and crunching stopped. There was silence and then sudden screaming. This screaming didn’t sound like a pain, it sounded like joy. There was another sound. grunting. I looked at Toby, and he looked at me. We knew what they were doing in there. We bolted to the upstairs, and they heard us. A door opened slowly, coming from downstairs and footsteps came to the living room. Toby ran downstairs and I heard the sound of bones crunching. He killed the person downstairs. Suddenly *BANG* a gunshot sounded, and people came flooding in. I went down to see people there, and Toby shot in the leg. The man Toby killed laid there, with a gun in his hands. Someone pulled out their phone. I had to do it. I grinned under my mask and laughed maniacally while I dashed into the crowd of ten or so people. I slashed and slashed. There were people running, and I bolted after them, bashing my hatchet into their backs. They bled out on my blue hoodie. After they all died, I ran back into the house after Toby.

“GAAAAAH,” he called out. I had to get him and myself out of here.

“Toby, are you gonna- AHG who am I kidding. Of course, you aren’t gonna be okay! We have to go. people will call the cops. I lifted him up and he wrapped his arm around my neck. we hobbled away into the forest and stopped there.

“Toby, keep your leg up,” I said, ripping some fabric from my tee-shirt under my hoodie. I wrapped it around his wound and helped him up again. We continued home, trying to get back as fast as possible.

“Help! Slenderman, uh sir! We need help!” I called out after opening the door. Slenderman came to our aid and instantly. He took care of Toby.

Hoodie walked up to me, noticing how bloody I was.

“What did you do? God you’re so, well, bloody!” he said

“Uh, well, I-I killed like ten people.”


“yeah! well, Toby and I planned on killing two but when Toby killed the first, Toby got shot in the leg, attracting more people and I had to kill them all to back him up,” he looked at me, seeming astonished. I didn’t know what to do, so I laughed lightly. He stepped closer to me. I felt uncomforable. He hugged me, and wispered in my hear; “Welcome to the team.”

  • Blake

    I hope u make a cracky casy and ticky Toby part4

  • IronMosquito

    All I ask is that you try to make these actually creepy. These are just fanfic so please… Put them where fan fiction belongs.

    • BlazerodRed

      You litteraly must have read it in order to comment this!
      Other wise why else would you “hate ” on it.
      In my opinion it seems like you like this.
      You wouldn’t have read part 3 if you hated it…
      Once again… Just me own poinion

      • IronMosquito

        I don’t like them, but I review them. I’m simply trying to help this person write better.

        • Creepy tru

          Who says a killer cant have a romantic relationship? are you dumb ?anyone can fall in love its not impossible? I have seen plenty of movies and read lots of stories about killers having romantic relationships…yes in the end of some of them their lovers ended up dead but it is possible .

          • IronMosquito

            Just saying, keeping relationships out of this would make more sense because the character in question would become isolated which could possibly add to the insanity factor that the author is trying to add to.

          • Deceit

            Hey dude. I know it might seem like your giving constructive criticism, but truly is just mean.

          • IronMosquito

            My criticism is often harsh. Deal with it.

          • Deceit

            That’s the thing. We shouldn’t have to deal with it. Your taking it a little far.

          • IronMosquito

            Or you could put up with what I say and accept that other people should be able to express their opinion on a public literature site. Seeing all the comments that you left for me and seeing some of the minor, but ridiculous mistakes in your grammar tells me exactly why you seem to think there’s nothing wrong with this story.

          • Deceit

            Dude, what mistakes in my grammar? Please, do enlighten me.

          • IronMosquito

            “Your taking it a little far.” Problem: “Your.”
            Solution: “You’re”.

            “Hey dude. I know it might seem like your giving constructive criticism, but truly is just mean.”
            Problem: “Hey dude.”, “your”, and “but truly is just mean”.
            Solution: “Hey, dude.”, “you’re”, and “but truly, it’s just mean”.

            Does that help, or do you need more examples? I would be glad to provide more.

          • Deceit

            Nope, that’s good, thanks for the help, and I will try not to make these mistakes again. Grammar has always been my worst subject.

          • IronMosquito


          • Caden Robert

            “Too far” No your just overreacting

    • Caden Robert


  • Creepy tru

    I hope you write a part 4 i love this story

  • Alice150

    I don’t care if people say it’s fan fiction. This is truly a great story. There are a few minor errors in grammar. Please write more.

  • Feonia LH

    Please keep posting I love this story and you have amazing talent no matter what people say you are amazing at this and deserve to keep it uo

    • Wingman

      I agree, she has talent and should keep it up!

  • Crazed Lėviath

    PART 4??

  • Crazed Lėviath

    If you don’t like it then don’t read them I personally really like this romantic story and so do others.

    • IronMosquito

      They should publish this somewhere else if it’s meant to be a romantic story. Creepypasta are supposed to be scary, not stupid and cliché “love” stories.

  • studnastybae21

    I love all them and the lovers

  • Wingman

    I love the series so far! Keep it up, the writing is great!