Cracky Casy and Ticci Toby Pt. 12

I stood at the edge of the course, staring at it’s intense length. I looked back to see Jane. She stared into the center if the course, in line with the other trainees. I saw a burning rage burn in her eyes, destroying anything in its path. She glanced back at me, determination  still coursing through her. Toby stood beside me, watching as Jack prepared himself. We looked at each other. Not only was this a race for our trainees, but for us too. I looked down again. the same course I ran through that night. Before all of this. I was ready way before that. Jane, the young and unprepared girl she was, was not ready as I was. The signal ran, blasting into the ears of everyone. Jane began to run, crawl and jump through. She scaled every wall, slid under every barrier and hit the targets with ease. She was like me. I ran beside her, along the side of the course and raced after her ever increasing speed. Until it happened. I was her stop, dust under her feet, dirtying her newly washed sweater.

“Huh?” Jane said, staring into the forest. A wolf, coated in black, midnight fur, stood there. It was no ordinary wold. It was huge and strong looking. Bigger than any normal wold. Its eyes glowed a crimson blood color, piercing my soul. The wolf began to growl. It began standing on it’s hind legs, changing form into a demon-like-wolf. It grew human mussels and long claws. Its teeth sharpened and its eyes grew brighter. I dove for Jane, pulling her from the creatures jaw. I heard fast moving footsteps coming from behind me. I turned and looked, seeing Jackson jumping between me and that monster. I shoved Jane behind me, following behind Toby and Hoodie. Jack stepped in and led Jeff anf Jane away.

“Casy! I wanna fight!” I heard Jane call out. I threw my arm out, blocking her.

“Jackson, move!” Toby yelled out. He shook his head, denying our yells. The creature began running again. I jumped in front of Jackson, protecting him. It opened its mouth wide, ready to bit down. I turned my head, ready for the pain. I heard a yelp. Jackson threw his arms in front of my face and chest, stopping the bite. Toby jumped up and slashed at the creature. As Toby jumped in the air again, The monster caught hum in his jaw. He screamed in pain. Jackson ran past me, sliding my hatchet from my hand. Jackson slid the edge between Toby and the monsters jaw, pushing it down and thrashing it into its mouth. It dropped Toby and stepped back. Jackson held the hatchet in two hands, by his side, ready to kill. His left foot fell behind him, doing the same thing has his hands, clutching the hatchet. He held his head forward, staring into the demons eyes. It charged again. Jackson jumped up out of its way, still staring at it. It stopped and looked up. Jackson began falling. Jackson landed, driving the edge into its back. He landed on the ground, breathing heavily. The monster charged one last time, bleeding. Jackson dodged and slashed again. He jumped and fliped over, slashing as he flew over. He rolled over as he landed, hitting the legs and knocked it down. Jackson got back up and stepped in front of it. He stepped closer. He placed his hands on its fur and pet it. After, he stepped back again. Jackson prepared to run at it. He jumped up and bashed the edge into the monsters head, spewing blood everywhere. It died then. I watched in fear and trauma. Toby looked up too, in awe. Jackson .landed on the ground, stomping his feet down. He looked over to Toby, then me, then everyone else. He lifted Toby to his feet and helped him to me. I stared down at him as I took Toby over my shoulder, having him rest on me. Jackson looked back up at me, smiling at me. I nodded and lowered my mask, smiling at him. Jackson went back to Slenderman and asked to head back in. I watched him go in and close the door.  Slenderman walked to me, still holding Toby up. He took Toby and walked him back in as well. The trainees stared at me, as if they awaited my instruction.

“I uh, well, I guess we redo the course.” I said, listening to their groans. They lined up and began as I shot the signal. I followed them to the end of the course. Jeff and Jack both had to jump over the monster. Jane just ran past. She made it first, Jack and Jeff tied. I walked back to the house, the trainees to theirs. I ran the image of Jackson killing that beast, protecting me and saving Toby.

  • Tommy Jackson

    I love it as always. Keep up the good work.
    For whenever you put inTommy’s cat (her name is coat) has black fur and red eyes, she is also a the “devil’s messenger” people call her because she makes people hallucinate whenever she feels Her it Tommy are threatened. I thought she could make like everyone hallucinate when she appears but Tommy handles it, or something like that you don’t have to that’s just what I was thinking would be a possibility because him and the cat are very close.

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    I love this, I wonder when the next part is coming out

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      I know, same! I’ll be watching my notifications

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    Not lately, I’ll keep an eye out lol

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    I love your series! I can’t wait to read part 13! Keep up the great work!

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    I love the stories. I can’t wait for more. I have read every one of them and I can’t wait to see what happens next. Keep up the great work. I give your stories a big thumbs up.

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    I don’t think you are online anymore, but when I first saw this (a year ago) I was really excited for part 13.

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    It’s a good story regardless. It’s still readable so I think it’s fine.