Cracky Casy and Ticci Toby Pt.9

As I turned around, I heard the door shut. My head dropped and I pulled my hoodie over my head. As I walked the leaves crunched beneath my feet, making a crackling and breaking sound. Not long after the door opened again. Jane ran out and stepped in my path.

“Huh? What is it?” I asked, startled slightly.

“How on this planet do you expect me to stay in that house when Jeff, the guy I saved, is now trying to kill me, DOUBLE TIME?!” she yelled in my face. I smiled and shook my head, slightly chuckling.

“Awe man, you two would make a great couple,” I said, pausing as I noticed the horrified expression on Jane’s face. She gagged a little and tried to punch me. I clenched her fist in my hand and asked; Really?” She instantly backed down, knowing that I would win. I was armed and she wasn’t. I patted her on the shoulder and told her to fight her heart out. She nodded and walked in. I continued down the trail back home, once again, the leaves crunches under me. After walking for a while, I met the front door. The floor creaked as I stepped. I turned around, looking into the woods surrounding the house. I noticed yelling coming from behind the door. I couldn’t make out exactly what they were saying, but it was clear who it was. Masky and Hoodie. Suddenly a crash came from behind the door. Then I heard Toby’s voice. He yelled. Then another crash. Toby was silent. I tried to open the door, but it was locked. I banged and banged. Everything went silent. The clicking if a gun rang passed the door. I banged and banged, kicking and punching. I distinctly heard Masky yell.

“Stop it! Shut up! I don’t want you to see this Casy!” he screamed. Another voice rang through the door. Toby’s.

“Casy if you love me, don’t open that door!” he yelled. Masky shouted at him.

“Toby, what do you mean!? I-I love you, so why can’t I open this door?! Masky, what are you doing?!” I yelled, face inches from the door. Hoodie yelled out to me.

“Run Casy!” He yelled. I knew then I had to open that door. I stepped back and dashed at it, smashing the lock off with my hatchets, and opening it. A gunshot rang into my ears.  I shot open my eyes to see hoodie bleeding from his shoulder, Toby covering his head and Masky holding a gun. I gasped, tears in my eyes and weapons clanking to the floor. I felt my lip lifting at its edges and dropping into a deep frown of despair. The gun clicked again. And fired at Hoodie, hitting his arm.

“NO! Masky!” I yelled charging at him and smashing him to the ground. He lifted his gun to my throat and reloaded once more. I played my dying song of pain and heartbreak in my head. this is it, my time has come. May my soul find a home. The death of my life, came to my eyes. The lifeless eyes of my heart now close, to now know I leave you to mourn. my love, my pain, my dying song.

“before you shoot, I want to say-”

“NOTHING! YOU WILL SAY NOTHING!” I heard a voice say from behind me. Jack was behind me.

“MASKY, IF YOU SHOOT I WILL END YOU! IF YOU VALUE YOUR LIFE THEN PUT THE GUN DOWN!” Jane said. I saw Toby run and grasp Masky’s hand hand, holding the gun. He threw it to Jack and began to lock his wrists.

“Try anything and I break ’em” he said sternly. “That’s my girlfriend you’re threatening. I’d suggest you get off of her slowly, or I will hurt you.” He calmly said, lifting Masky, still holding his hands in a lock. I struggled to my feet, stumbled slightly and looked to Hoodie, still bleeding.

“Hoodie!” I yelled and ran towards him.

“C-Casy, I’m sorry…I c-can’t move,” whispered in pain.

“I know, stay still,” I said placing my hands on hos shot wounds. He yelped in pain as I applied pressure. Jack came over to help Hoodie. I noticed Jane holding a knife to Masky and Toby holding Masky’s hands behind his head. Slenderman walked out, looking at each one of us. Jane, then Toby. Moving to Jack then me.

“Heal him. I will kill Masky elsewhere. Suddenly in a cloud of smoke, Masky and Slenderman were gone. Moments later, screaming and crying sounded through the forest, not far from us. I knew nothing of Masky’s random killing attempt, but I helped bring Hoodie to the wound caring table.

After finally cleaning and bandaging Hoodie, I went to search Masky’s room. Stepping in and looking at his dresser, I noticed a book sat on it. I walked up to it, opened it and looked at what was written. It was a diary entry. In it was written; “My Lord Satin, as a demon, I will end them and your greatest enemy, Slenderman.”

  • Tommy Jackson

    Another great story keep up the good work 👍👍👍

  • Wingman (proxy)

    It’s spelled (Satan). Lol just kidding, I love your writing. Fantastic work!