Connor’s Diary

Entry 1 – october 10th , 5:29 pm.

I’m writing this now because my therapist thinks it will help with the voices I’ve been hearing recently. She says I should write an entry every time I hear them speak and to write what they are saying. I guess it’s not too bad…

Entry 2 – october 11th , 7:49 am.

I woke up to use the restroom and on the way back to my bed I heard the voices. They were telling me it was ok… I don’t understand. I’m too tired right now…

Entry 3 – october 14th , 9:03 am.

I was driving to work and the voices appeared again. They were telling me to relax. That it was going to work out in the end. Before I knew it I found myself letting go of the wheel, but only for a few seconds before I realized what was happening! I’m scared.

Entry 4 – october 14th , 9:17.

The voices were whispering to each other this time. I couldn’t make out what they were saying , but they sounded worried. Why though?

Entry 5 – october 17th , 3:04 am.

This time the voices didn’t sound like they were in my head. I swear I could heard them muffled outside…

Entry 6 – october 29th , 4:32 pm.

I’m not writing this entry because I heard the voices again. It’s actually because I haven’t been hearing them. It’s been a really long time. It’s the weirdest thing… I’m kinda sad they’re gone… isn’t that insane?

Entry 7 – november 3rd, 4:25 am.

The voices! They’re back! I can’t believe it.
I don’t know why im happy… the voices are back but they sound different…

Entry 8 – november 5th, 3:02 pm.

The voices…they aren’t in my head. No they are very real, and they are angry… why can’t you see that? I know you read these logs , why don’t you believe me?
They told me you would believe me…

Entry 9 – november 6th, 7:58 pm.

She should’ve believed me… but she just couldn’t. She said the voices were unhealthy. She wouldn’t believe me, and now she’s dead. I miss her. No, I had to. The voices told me, if I didn’t she was gonna get me locked away… she was gonna take the voices away…

Entry 10 – november 6th, 11:22 pm.

I have to run now. If I don’t they are gonna take the voices away… the voices are outside my window… I hear them calling to me from the forest. So I guess this is the last time I get to talk to whoever you are… goodbye. The voices are waiting for me.