Centipede Spine

Recently, the social media has been discussed about a mysterious creature that makes people chill, especially for anyone who is scared of centipede.

User number 1: Katie Hoffman.

Two days ago I woke up at the midnight, when I turned my face and looked at the ceiling, I saw a centipede! It’s a very big one, oh gosh! Even the small can frighten me, but this one… I collapsed to the floor and immediately ran out of my room. When my parents came in to check, we saw nothing, but there were many cracks and holes on the wall and ceiling, just like someone used a hammer and electric drill to break them. After that, I do not want to sleep alone anymore.

User number 2: (Unknown).

Last night I tried to close the window. Suddenly something grabbed my arms, I was freaking out and tried to get rid of that but I could not. I used all my strength to pull it against the window barrier, oh gosh! Oh my god! Oh my god! I just lifted up… a head! I still remember that it was a woman’s head! Her skin is pale, so are her eyes! And her hair looks like Sadako from The ring movie, the mouth is completely blank. She also show the tongue that looks like a centipede head! I could not see her body, beside the head, she only had the spine which has the centipede shape! I pulled my arms violently and hit that thing hard against the window barrier many times until that thing gave up on me.

I ran out of my room, my arms were bleeding because of her nails. I have got to say that I was very lucky, because my window has the barrier!

User number 3: Nancy Singer.

Three days ago, I came home late. When I passed by the abandoned house near my office, I saw…a big centipede was crawling on the wall! It was an extraordinary one, because it has two arms, and two hands, I swear I saw them by my own eyes! The sound came from that thing was even more terrifying! It was the whimpering sound combined with the scratching sound, which made me chill. I hid behind the wall and waited for that thing leaving. Until now, I am still obsessed with the whimpering sound!

User number 4: David Cooper (status is no longer available)

My sister passed away last night. The police said she had been bitten by a human, there were more than 30 scars on her body. I doubted that a lot until I saw an image on her phone:

Oh my God! There is a monster in my house!

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