Cartoon Cat

It was seven years ago, and the start of summer. Me and my friends were so excited. We were planning on having a cartoon marathon. Me and my friend were going to watch some old cartoon that nobody remembered. I can’t even remember the name of it. All I remember is the character. It just put me on edge. It was tall and it was a cat with gloves and completely black eyes. That’s all I remember. It would stare at the screen from time to time doing nothing but showing us its stare. It had the creepiest voice too. It was low pitched and raspy.

Me and my friends watched the whole thing unwillingly. We were all creeped out an on edge for seven seasons. It took us eighteen hours and three days to finish the show. When it ended, we were almost broken. At the end of the last episode, it stated at the screen once more, but this time it was different. Its smile got smaller, almost if it were starting to frown. When the cat started to frown, and then it started to cry and scream. The episode ended. The credits rolled in. We were all so disturbed, but I tried to laugh it off.

The next day my friend group split up. Apparently, one of my friends killed himself. Everyone blamed it on each other. I went home that night to lay down and watch TV. I was so sad. The second I turned on my TV the cat appeared. It had its cold, blank stare as always. All of a sudden I heard a whisper coming from the cat. It told a poem.

Roses are red violets are blue, your door was unlocked, look behind you.

The cat’s smile got wider and wider. It was yellow jagged teeth. All of the sudden the cat was gone. My show finally started playing.

I heard my mom scream. I rushed downstairs. I saw my mom’s arm first, then her legs, then her eye, then her head. I was about to call the cops when I saw the blood on the wall. It said, “That’s all folks,” in an old-timey cartoon style. It must of been the cat. I don’t know what else would have done that. I ran outside crying. I was trying to find anyone to help me.

Just then my dad came home. He saw I was crying and went inside to check what was going on. Then I heard him scream too. I ran inside, and once again he was dismembered and dead. More of that same text was on the wall, written in blood. I was fed up with it. I grabbed a baseball bat and ran outside. I screamed at the top of my lungs, just trying anything to get the cat to come to me. Then, I heard a low, raspy voice whisper a poem.

Roses are red violets are blue, we are outside now, I am going to kill you.

Just then the cat appeared right in front of me. It started to smile wider and wider until its face was covered with its yellow, jagged teeth, and blank, lifeless eyes. It started to scream. Its arms extended. It started to run. The second the cat got to me I sidestepped and hit it. The cat exploded in ink. It reappeared behind me. Just when it was about to kill me my friends showed up with weapons. They had knives, molotov cocktails, hell even one had his dad’s shotgun. They threw everything at the cat. The knives, molotov cocktails, and every single bullet. The cat screamed in pain as the fire from the molotov cocktails made it dissolve into nothing.

We were friends again. Everything was fine. Years have passed and now I’m afraid again. Today I could have sworn I heard that whisper, well I will be fine. Probably.

  • Tristan Seaburg-Sweat

    I couldn’t finish it I’m sorry it really needs some grammatical help, you can’t keep repeating me and my friends.. or tugged oat with the parents?!?! And then you rub out with a baseball bat I mean 🙅‍♀️

  • Draco Salem

    This was awesome fr what it was I I av it 4 stars honestly

  • I love creepy pasta’s

    I really liked the story, sure it could use some improvement but it was really good