Brooklyn The Neko’s New Life

“I killed my parent’s. And I ate their organs. I don’t know what’s wrong with m-” before I could finish what I was saying, someone touched my shoulder. I turned my head. Standing behind me was Jeff The Killer.

“You did all this?” he said. I nodded whipping the blood off my mouth. Then my pupil got smaller.

“I’m hungry, can I eat you?” I said without knowing.

“W-What?” he said scared.

“Uh… what do you mean¬†what?” I said as my pupil got a bit bigger.

“I have a question,” he said. “Why do you have a cats pupil?” I opened my mouth. I had 7 rows of teeth as well. Then I moved my bangs to the side I had cat ears. “The rest of you is a cat and your mouth looked like it belonged to a shark,” he said.

“Are we leaving?” I said. He nodded and put out his hand. “No you idiot. No way! I’ll end up bitting your skin off.” I said. He quickly pulled his hand away.

“Brooklyn!” said a voice.

“Tim?” I said without looking. Then I saw him, he came running to me. He hugged me then without knowing I not his ear. “Ow! What was that for?” I saw him rub his ear and I covered my mouth.

“Sorry! I didn’t Realize!” I said. Tim sat me on the couch next to him, then I see someone sit next to him. He was wearing a Hoodie the color of Timothy’s.

  • boiOhBOI



    Ohhh… Boy.. The ineptitude continues. Why let this be posted? To make the people who use this app suffer?

  • IronMosquito

    Yeah,this made no sense. It was just bad on all aspects.

  • Brooklyn Modugno

    Brooklyn is my name bro this was weird