Broken Produce

I work at my local Supermarket as night security, me and my colleague work nights here from Wednesday to friday, usual routine is we arrive spend a few hours making sure there are no breakins or damage to the shop then watch cameras for the last two hours, but this night was different, james didn’t come into work, he never missed a shift so it struck me as odd, I sent him a text and waited for a reply then I began walking around the isles making sure everything was normal, as I read through the list of what should be on what shelf I heard what sounded like foot steps a few rows down, it stopped me dead, but I thought James must have just got in, I chuckled and carried on, foot steps getting louder, my phone vibrated, I checked it and my chest tightened… James wrote, “Hey man can’t make it in today, been up all night with food poisoning,” this made me immediately speak loudly, “Is anyone there?”

I walked towards the footsteps and found nothing, no one was there, I ran towards the CCTV room, and began frantically checking cameras for the intruder, again I found nothing, protocol requires me to call police at this point, I explain the situation and they arrive quickly, once here I began explaining in detail about how there is no sign of a breakin or damage, I even had to lift the shutters to let them in, they were as confused as me, suddenly our conversation was cut short by footsteps once again, this time both policeman heard them, we seemed to freeze in place all that could be heard was footsteps getting louder and louder, once again we found nothing and they left with a statement, I was left alone in the supermarket, I felt safer in the CCTV room so I set up there, floor was quiet nothing on the cameras, until I noticed an unseen force pushing objects of the shelf, I panicked and ran towards the isle, once I arrived it stopped, I stepped through the broken produce until what felt like an ice-cold hand on my shoulder I then ran out of the security exit and called the manager, he arrived and checked the footage, it was all caught on there even my encounter, I still work there to this day but I don’t go in if I’m alone, not anymore anyway.

  • Puddin Tane

    You really need to work on your sentence structure. All those run on seneces aren’t helping your story at all.