Night Life Ch.7 Seeking

Two months had passed since the disappearance of Jenny and Shawna. Jasper continued to search relentlessly, kicking in doors to crack houses and going blood drunk on junkies searching for answers. He burned down their hide outs, murdered other pimps and hustlers after questioning them, he was ruthless and full of anger. Jasper was slowly leaking out mercy from his pores and filling up with hatred, the goodness in his heart was hardened into a locked chest. Shawna and Jenny held the key to it now.

“Where is he?”

A man missing multiple teeth from the front of his mouth spouts, “I don’t know man, he went ghost! No one knows! We been buying from local slums, Rico is gone man, I swear it!”

Jasper tightens his grip around the mans throat and twist at an upward angle. A crack is heard while the body goes limp sliding down the brick wall of an alley. An innocent life lost, a drug user and ex con, but none the less he did nothing to deserve his demise. Just an unfortunate encounter with the wrong man.

Walking out of the alley Jasper walks down a dark street with his head down, he refused to give up hope but couldn’t help but feel lost and alone. He didn’t know what his girls were going though.

“You trying to f**k or get a quick rub down? S**k and blow? Talk to me daddy.”

The voice was all too familiar, a woman with cherry colored hair was leaning into an older car pushing to stay running. She was speaking to a customer not too far away, her breasts practically spilled out of her tight red dress pushing them together.

The man in the car turns a little red in his fluffy cheeks and says he wants a quick rub as he hands the woman a wad of cash, his wedding ring exposed in the light of the faint glow from a dim street lamp. She walks around grazing her hand across the hood of the car, her black heels clicking against the pavement. She gets in and leans over rubbing against his swollen belly. He unzips his pants and puts his head back as she begins to massage the muscle between his heavy thighs. Getting into the moment the man turns and pushes her back onto the worn out passenger seat with yellow foam pushing out of grated strands of fabric.

“Hey what the f**k man, I didn’t agree to a full package, just a handy!” The woman explains trying to get back up.

Trying to place his hand on her neck he gets on top. “I can’t help it, you’re too beautiful! I’ll be quick, I have to hurry, my wife thinks I’m at work. Don’t make this hard for me please, I feel bad enough. I just need to f**k someone else for a change, me and my wife have problems,” His eyes begin to water. “I’ll be quick, I promise. I need this so bad. I haven’t been happy in so long, I won’t c*m inside of you.”

“Hey get off me! What the f**k!” She fights swatting his hand away like a pestering fly.

The man clutches onto her tanned skin and begins to choke her, she feels a hard object against her inner thigh as if the pain turns him on. He wrestles to rip her p*****s off under her dress sliding off tatters of pink lace he giggles letting slobber drool down his double chin. Her nails slice his skin on his cheeks as she fights back. His weight is over three times her size, he easily over powers her. Beads of sweat pour down his face as he fights to get his way. She yells for help through tightened groans, the man continually pulls on her clothes managing to pull her dress up.

“There’s the sweet spot, call me Daddy while I do it. I want you to yell it, tell me you’ll be a good girl. My wife tells me I’m sick. You’ll do it right baby. Call me Daddy.”

“Help! Get the fu-“, her plea for help is pushed back down her throat with a squeeze from his rough palm.

The man uses his free arm to spread her legs and grunts. The girl closes her teary eyes awaiting for the forced penetration but feels nothing. She opens them to see a shocked look on his face, a tear of blood merging with the drool swirling down his chin as he makes short attempts of inhaling air. He is abruptly pulled with force through the driver side window slamming his body around the metal frame, leaving flesh shavings from the scraping of his large body through a small exit, his wrists colliding against his ankles as he slides out disappearing. The girl pulls her dress down shaking in fear, too scared to get out of the car she rolls the windows up and locks the doors.

Looking around in a full view she doesn’t see anything but an empty street and vacant buildings, suddenly the windshield splits apart into a spiderweb with the mans face causing the break. His pot belly dents the hood under the force of his fall, his face smashed into the broken glass with blood smearing across the pane zig zagging into the creases. The girl screams and jumps out running down the street.

“Help! Please! Anybody! Plea-“, a hand wraps around her mouth, a familiar memory.

“I promise I’m not gonna hurt you, and I sincerely apologize for before. I know I scared you, and that you’re scared now. But please, I need your help. My tactics are probably harsh, but any man would be if his girls were missing. If I remove my hand will you scream?”

The girl shakes her head left to right.

Pulling his fingers apart Jasper stands back, the girl turns around. “You again? What the f**k are you? I’m freaking out man I’ve seen you kill two people and in crazy f*****g ways! You some government project or some s**t?”

Jasper keeps his hands by his side to show he means no harm. “Miss, I assure you I can explain in full detail soon, but to answer briefly, I’m not any of what you asked. I’m a concerned man looking for his family. Will you please help me?”

Putting her hands around her head she says “Help you? You’re a f*****g freak, I ain’t seen no man do s**t like that? Tell me why I shouldn’t run right now? You could try to kill me next!” She starts backing up.

Jasper holds his hands out. “Ma’am I beg of you. If I wanted you dead we wouldn’t be talking right now. I’m looking for Rico, he moved away. He has my Jenny and Shawna.”

The girl stops. “Wait, did you say Jenny? Jenny’s in trouble? You called them your girls, how do you know her?”

  • Deija Navarro

    Uh oh… it’s about to get deep🤘

    • Ray Ramirez

      Just two chapters left then it’s over, the last chapter is probably the longest one 🙂

  • Konner


    • Ray Ramirez

      I like the way you think! This series took forever to finish cause there was a ton of options to go from here actually, so I was stuck on it for a long time. Hopefully, the ending is a likeable one.

      • Konner

        Yeah I just read the next part. At least I was partly right.

        • Ray Ramirez

          Partly right you were, but honestly that was my first choice when I was writing it, that it was gonna be revealed that she was their mom.