Blood on the Roses

16 year Rosaline Moone was the daughter a very powerful demon, and she had the ability to shape shift into anything she pleased. She loved to terrorize people in the human world, that is… until she met someone who wasn’t like the other humans. He seemed… stronger than them, and she grew wary of his presence. He walked up to her, and smiled warmly. “Hello, My name is Rucia Valdez, and you are?” he said, holding out his hand for her to shake. She looked at him and grew shy. “Hi, I’m Rosealine Moone, but you can call me Rose or Rosy,” she said quietly and shook his hand. “Nice to meet you Rose!” Rucia said, smiling. “Yea… you too…” she said, slightly cautious.

A month later Rose is as strong as her father, Khaim, who is Satan’s son. She tries to hide her insanity, but she usually ends up going insane anyways. Rucia came to her house everyday, bringing her small gifts like flowers or spiders. She trusted Rucia, even though part of her told her not to trust him.

Later that day, Rose was working on a spell from a book that Khaim had given her as a present, and she heard a knock on the door. She sprinted to the door and opened it, seeing two demons, standing  there with a sad look. “Rosaline, we have some bad news… it’s about your father…” the first demon said. “What…? Is he OK?!” she growled, her eyes glowing a bright crimson red. “Your father is dead Rose. We found him lying on the floor in a pool of his own blood…” the second demon said. Rose backed away, her hands over her mouth, shaking her head slightly. “He can’t be dead! You’re lying!” she spat, and the demons looked at each other and nodded. “We believe he was murdered,” one said. “Murdered? Murdered by who?!” she growled, black scales forming on her arms, her eyes crimson. “By me,” Rucia said, walking up to the demons from behind. “You… I knew I shouldn’t have trusted you!” Rose screamed, her nails growing longer and sharper, along with her fangs. She knew that she shouldn’t trust someone like him, but she did it anyway, and it costed her father’s life. “I hate you Rucia…!” she screeched, raking her claws across his face and he stumbled back, shocked. “Alright feisty pants, you want to fight? Let’s fight,” he snickered and went full demon, a large dog like creature with long fangs and sharp claws. Rose growled and went into the form of a large wolf that had poisonous spikes going down the back and tail, horns formed on her head and giant bat-like wings sprouted from her back. They circled each other, waiting for one to make the first move.

Rucia pounced at Rose, pinning her to the ground. She hit his side with her tail, the poisonous spikes releasing the poison into his blood, and he howled in pain. She grabbed his leg in her jaws and slammed him into a brick wall, causing the building to topple onto him. He yowled before his voice slowly died down to nothing. Rose went back to her normal form and looked around. “Serves you right, looks like you’ll have a fun talk with my grandpa, who is Satan himself,” she snickered and said the spell she had been practicing earlier, and Rucia crawled out before the two demons from before grabbed him and disappeared into hell, leaving nothing but a small puddle of black ink. She sighed and walked into the house, falling asleep on the bed. The white roses outside her house are forever stained in the blood of that of her friend, who became her enemy.

“If you meet someone and you feel like you shouldn’t trust them, DON’T.”

  • Fane Davies

    Love it great moral to the story